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Unformatted text preview:  maleasaninvitationforsex Femalesarenotpassive sexualrecipients!!     Coloration  Largebodysize Forcompetition Beafriend Beingthealpha(topranked)male,Malemandrill orhavinghighsocialstatus,power,Malesilverbackgorilla orrespect Giveherresources Food,sleepingsites,protection Pheromonesandgoodgenes Smellagoodmate Baboons How Closely Related Are We? HUMAN PRIMATES VS. NONHUMAN PRIMATES Humans,chimpanzeesand bonobosshare98.4percentof thesameDNAsequence Gorillasshare97.7percentof theirDNAwithhumans, chimpanzeesandbonobos  Chimpanzeesandbonobosaremore closelyrelatedtohumansthanto gorillas!! Orangutansshare96.4percent oftheirDNAwithhumans, chimpanzees,bonobosand gorillas  How Similar Are We? The End Theyhavebathroomhumor  Monkeysmellsfinger  Theysmokecigarettes SmokingChimp ­TcVR17c0  Forcryingoutloud,   AndtheywillKICKyourrearend!  beatyourchestlike everyoneelse? Karatechimp    Professor L.M. Smolich MyLana! Youcan visitheratthezoo. SDSU Fall 2011 15 The Primate Family Tree  Classification of the Strepsirrhines/Anthropoids (monkeys, apes,and humans) By Professor Smolich  A Currrent Taxonomy Including Modern DNA Evidence  April 2011 Primates Order Anthropoids or Haplorrhines Suborder Prosimians or Strepsirrhines* *Thatclassificationdoesnotfitinthistable Catarrhines (OWM) Infraorder Platyrrhines (NWM) (generally:larger,smarter,largergroups,arboreal/terrestrial,moreSD) Hominoids (apesandhumans) Superfamily (endsin oids) Family (endsin idae) Subfamily Genus Cercopithecoids (OWM) Ceboids (NWM) (Notails largestbrainsoftheprimates,mostsociallycomplex) Hominidae Pongidae (Humans) (GreatApes) Homininae Ponginae (endsin inae) (writteninitalics) (generally:smallerbodysize,smallergroupsizes,mostlyarboreal) (greatapes) Hylobatidae Cercopithecidae Cebidae Hylobatinae (gibbonandsiamang) Cercopithecinae (cheekpouch,fruiteaters) Tarsiers Colobinae (leafeatingdiet) Cebinae Pan H GorillaPongo ylobatesHylobates Species for example: macaque baboons, geladas guenons mangabeys ** more genuses, divided into numerous species for example: colobus monkeys proboscis...
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