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Unformatted text preview: oC (b) 273oC to K 23. Indicate which of the following are exact numbers and which of the following are measurements. (a) mass of a paper clip (b) the surface area of a dime (c) the number of inches in a mile (d) the number of ounces in a pound (e) the number of microseconds in a week (f) the mass of 15 ounce can of coffee (g) the number of students in your first period class last year (h) the temperature of the sun (i)the mass of a postage stamp (j) the number of mL in a cubic meter of water (k) the average height of students in school. 24. What is the number of significant figures in the following measured quantities? 1282 kg (b) 0.00296 s (c) 8.070 mm (d) 8,070 mm (e) 0.0105 L (f) 9.7750 x 10‐4 cm (g) 1.689 x 10‐3 km (h) 0.0234 m2 (i) 7,194,300 cm (j) 435.983 K (k) 204.080 g 25. Round each of the following numbers to three significant figures and express each in scientific notation (a) 143700 (b) 0.09750 (c) 890,000 (d) 6.764 x 104 (e) 33,987.22 (f) ‐6.5559 26. Carry out the following operations, and express the answer with the appropriate number of significant figures. (a) 1.24056 + 75.80 (b) 23.67 ‐75 (c) 8900 x 112.3 (d) 78,132/2.50 27. A lake has an area of 15,500 mi2 express the answers in m2? 28. If a person has 285 mg of cholesterol per 100.mL of blood, and a total blood volume of 5.3 L, how many grams of cholesterol does the person have in total in his blood? 29. An asthma drug dose is 6.0 mg/kg of body mass. What should the dose be for a 175lb person? 30. If an electric car goes 225 km on a single charge, how many charges are required for the 2850 mile trip from new York to Los Angeles? Assume the car is fully charge at the start of the trip in New York. 31. At 1.00 atm and 25.0oC, air has a density of 1.19g/L. What is the mass, in kilograms, of air in a classroom that measures 26 ft by 41 ft by 8.0 ft? 32. A copper refinery produces a copper ingot weighing 150.lb. If the copper is drawn into wire whose diameter is 1.25 mm, how many meters of copper can be obtained from the ingot? 33. Surgeons removed 10. Kg of fat from a patient by a procedure called liposuction. One fat cell has a mass of 0.80 µg. How many fat cells where removed? 34. The gas constant R (as in PV=nRT) 8.314 m3●Pa/mol●K. Also R= 8.314 J/ mol●K. Therefore 1 m3●Pa equals 1 J. Using the fundamental SI units (m, kg, and s) demonstrate that 1 m3●Pa indeed equals 1 J. 35. The formula for sarin (a toxic nerve agent that has recently been in the news) and draw its Lewis electron dot diagram. 36. Two students determine the percentage of lead in samples as a laboratory exercise. The true value is 22.52%. Student #1 had results that were 22.52%, 22.48% and 22.52%. Student #2 had results that were 22.64%, 22.58% and 22.62%. (a) Calculate the average for each student and tell which data set is more accurate (b) Calculate the absolute deviation for each value from the average value for each set. Which data set is more precise based on the average of the deviations? 37. 37. The production of sodium hydroxide in the United States during 1994 was 25.83 billion pounds. (a) How many grams of NaOH were p...
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