1.23-1.25 - American Foreign Policy 1/23/2007 4:03:00 PM...

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American Foreign Policy 23/01/2007 16:03:00 January 23, 2007 – The Constitution and American Institutions Debate shifts from “Articles vs. Constitution” to “Constitution vs.  Anarchy Anarchy : no third party enforcement  Constitution favors urban forces  Timing: Constitution is sprung on the country; as Federalists plot ratification,  everyone else is reacting Federalists go after “easier” states first, “tougher” saved for last  State             Leans                 Vote               Why           DE                 Federal             30-0              Econ.   PA                 Uncertain          46-23            Force + Fraud   NJ                 F                       38-0                Econ.            GA                F                       26-0               Security           CT                U                         128-40           Fraud            MA               Antifederalist        187-168            Fraud, Amend            MD              A                            63-11            Force    SC               F                          149-73            Sec.      NH             A                         57-47               Fraud     VA              U                         89-79              Misc.      NY            A                           30-27            Conquest
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     NC            A                         195-77             Conquest      RI              A                        34-32               Conquest  Some states, opposed to ratification, want amendments  Dirty politics helps approval in Massachusetts Bribery  Delegates told they can’t go home without ratification  NY suspends property qualification for voting SC (2/3 of population are slaves): concerned about slave rebellions/security  NH: Federalists run ‘attack ads’ on antifederalists  Constitution ratified with NH, but VA and NY haven’t approved yet so, while technically ratified, the Constitution and nation would surely fail if VA  and NY are outside confederation  Edmund Randolph defects from antifederalists to Federalists, thinking there 
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1.23-1.25 - American Foreign Policy 1/23/2007 4:03:00 PM...

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