Cheet heet biochem for exam 2

Pure non competitive inhibition and

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Unformatted text preview: lculate Et. Use Vmax=kcat(Et) or Et=Vmax/kcat 4. When asked to calculate subs, rem ½ vmax Km=subs. So find if vmax =1/2vmax or not. 5) when asked about inhibitor questions, alpha is the degree to which the value of the Km changes. So if V0=1/2Vmax and they give you the alpha, multiple subs concentration by that number. 6) Rem Kcat=Vmax/Et and 1600nm=1.6microM 7)when given V0 and Vmax and subs concand told to fin Km use mm equation and the ratio of V0/Vmax. Then solve for Km 8. myo and hemo sim tert diff prim 9. At low pH and high CO2, hemoglobin/oxygen affinity is low because CO2/H+ are bound and O2 is released to the tissues. The opposite is true for higher pH (but not too high) and lower CO2. Basically, higher CO2 causes a decrease in oxygen affinity and releases O2 and vice versa. This is used to investigate what happens in the lungs versus the tissues (oxygen is taken up in the lungs and released in the tissues). BPG is also another compound that has an inverse relation with O2 binding in hemoglobin. 10. Myoglobin binding to O2 is described as rectangular hyperbolic, while hemoglobin binding is described as sigmoidial (S ­shaped). This is because myoglobin does not have cooperative binding, while hemoglobin does. Since salt bridges are positively charged and O2 is negatively charged, they contribute to the cooperative binding of hemoglobin. 1.When asked for the change to no d and l class, think of the change from chiral to achira 2. sucrose has no reducing (oxidizable) group, as the anomeric carbons of both monosaccharides are involved in the glycosidic bond. temp leads to eq shift to furanos 4. glycosideis formed when a hemiacetal condenses with an alcohol; 5. enzyme has higher affinity for Oxygen at higher pHs 6. when alpha of runcomp inhib given divide by Km to get value 7.C% determines D or L in hexose 8.nativeDNA absobs light more strongly then denatured dna 8.zymogen ­inactive precursor of an enzyme cleavage results in activation 9.Kcat is # of subs convert to P in given time, by 1 enzyme, under satur. Of enzy. 10....
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