3.22grandstrat2 - March 22 nd GRAND STRATEGY #2 Possible ID...

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Unformatted text preview: March 22 nd GRAND STRATEGY #2 Possible ID Grand Strategy: High level plan (abstract thought as well) to pursue national interests Readings:- Come Home, merica: The Strategy of Restraint in the race of Temptation- E. Gholz, D. Press, H. Sapolsky Advocates restraint as a policy that will allow the U.S. to focus on its own problems Advocates vigorous trade and involvement in Global economy (doesnt think military restraint and economic protectionism go hand in hand) Believes that terrorism is the only threat today that elicits a strong response sees security and prosperity as the two main goals of American foreign policy (security is most important) sees no security threats due to friendly neighbors and oceans on each side says economic situation is also stable because of our decentralized market-based trade and investment decisions which allow for flexibility believes maintaining a well educated workforce and addressing problems at home and the best ways to insure economic stability He also points out the fact that militaries are not good at handling humanitarian crises, spreading values (such as democracy), and reducing drug abuse and should therefore not be used to achieve such ends. (using them for these reasons is also extremely expensive) criticizes the extent to which we spend on defense saying, The marginal increment of security that the U.S. gains from high levels of defense spending is ravishingly small....
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3.22grandstrat2 - March 22 nd GRAND STRATEGY #2 Possible ID...

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