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Ken Barnes kjb2134@columbia.edu April 17 th Hoffman, Bruce. 1998. Defining Terrorism. In Inside Terrorism . New York: Columbia University Press, chap. 1, pp. 13-44 Hoffman begins by giving a variety of definitions of terrorism through the years. In the modern sense, he defines terrorism as being “fundamentally and inherently political.” He goes on to say that terrorism is “violence … the threat of violence, used and directed in service of a political aim.” Discusses the origin of the term terrorism and the early use of it in the 19 th and 20 th centuries by state actors. Hoffman says that because the term terrorism has changed so much through the years, it is often difficult to clearly define. All persons agree on the point that “terrorism is a pejorative term,” therefore many terrorist seek to avoid its usage by using terms such as freedom fighters, etc. His contrast between terrorists and common criminals is that a terrorist seeks to “change the system,” something which does not concern the ordinary criminal. He concludes by stating that “the terrorist is fundamentally a violent intellectual , prepared to use and indeed committed to using force in the attainment of his goals.” Mueller, John. 2006. Is There Still a Terrorist Threat? The Myth of the Omnipresent Enemy. Foreign Affairs 85, 5: 2-8 Mueller attacks what he views as an over hyping of a terrorist threat in the U.S. He states that one
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4.17afp - Ken Barnes kjb2134@columbia.edu April 17th...

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