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Rk france france sweden spain france germany france

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Unformatted text preview: e France Sweden Spain France Germany France Brazil Italy Italy Argentina Germany Denmark Switzerland Sweden Venezuela Brazil Brazil Germany Venezuela France Austria France Canada Sweden Austria Brazil Canada Sweden Argentina USA UK Germany Germany Germany Austria Poland Poland USA USA USA Finland USA Belgium Spain Austria Italy Austria UK Germany Finland Canada USA USA USA USA Belgium Belgium Venezuela Spain Switzerland Germany UK Brazil Sweden France Brazil Argentina Venezuela UK Ireland Italy USA Brazil Mexico Germany Germany Mexico Austria Switzerland Switzerland USA USA USA France Brazil Brazil Venezuela Austria USA Sweden Sweden Venezuela Germany UK Brazil Brazil Brazil Mexico Italy Spain Ireland Ireland Germany USA Germany Spain Portugal Portugal Canada USA USA Germany Austria Austria Spain Spain Denmark Denmark Brazil Brazil Austria Denmark USA Austria Venezuela Canada Denmark Germany Brazil Ireland USA Austria Brazil Germany Germany USA Finland Portugal USA Belgium USA Venezuela Portugal Portugal France France Canada Germany France USA Ireland France France Germany Austria Mexico Germany Germany Austria UK Sweden Brazil Germany Spain Portugal Germany Sweden Germany USA Mexico USA Germany Brazil Denmark Canada Germany Austria USA Austria Denmark Brazil Canada USA Italy Italy Finland Venezuela Denmark Ireland Sweden USA USA Germany Portugal Switzerland France Mexico Mexico Brazil Germany Germany Finland Austria Germany Brazil Brazil USA Argentina Germany Canada UK France Brazil USA USA Ireland Canada Germany Austria Austria Germany Denmark Sweden Venezuela Brazil France Venezuela France Italy France Venezuela UK Brazil France Germany Belgium Belgium Germany UK USA Sweden Spain France Sweden Finland USA Belgium Brazil Germany Brazil Poland Finland Brazil Denmark Germany UK Germany Denmark Canada Canada Italy Germany Argentina Canada USA Austria Sweden Belgium Belgium Argentina Brazil Austria Poland Germany USA USA Portugal Norway Austria UK Switzerland USA USA USA Brazil Brazil Switzerland UK Brazil Germany Italy Brazil USA USA USA USA USA USA France Belgium Brazil Switzerland Venezuela Mexico Brazil Germany Austria USA Germany Spain Venezuela Germany Germany Brazil Italy Brazil Order Date Product 7-Aug-04 Chartreuse verte 8-Aug-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 9-Aug-04 Chang 13-Aug-04 Chartreuse verte 14-Aug-04 Chang 16-Aug-04 Outback Lager 16-Aug-04 Steeleye Stout 20-Aug-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 21-Aug-04 Chang 22-Aug-04 Outback Lager 26-Aug-04 Lakkalikri 29-Aug-04 Ipoh Coffee 2-Sep-04 Lakkalikri 4-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 11-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 11-Sep-04 Rhnbru Klosterbier 11-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 11-Sep-04 Steeleye Stout 16-Sep-04 Laughing Lumberjack Lager 17-Sep-04 Chai 18-Sep-04 Steeleye Stout 19-Sep-04 Sasquatch Ale 26-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 26-Sep-04 Rhnbru Klosterbier 27-Sep-04 Chai 27-Sep-04 Ipoh Coffee 27-Sep-04 Rhnbru Klosterbier 2-Oct-04 Chartreuse verte 3-Oct-04 Chang 4-Oct-04 Outback Lager 8-Oct-04 Ipoh Coffee 11-Oct-04 Chartreuse...
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