MARnew review for Qualitative methodologies

Analysis protocol think aloud performed while the

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Unformatted text preview: t restaurant you have What ever been? ever We just received 1000 complaints about our product. How are we going to analyze them? Can Content Analysis be used to identify trends? Content Analysis Content Do reliability and frequencies Government on all foreign publications Identify trends (dieting) Shakespeare The Alaska cruise was used as an example of _______ methodologies. Freud’s Projective methodologies Freud Why did you go to the Alaska cruise Video: Rapai Why is hypnosis used at the beginning of most Freudian methodologies. Hypnosis Hypnosis All Freudian methodologies start with a form All of hypnosis. of It helps break the barrier into the It subconscious. subconscious. Video: 3 Power of Suggestion We asked: Why do you use CREST toothpaste? They answered: “I want white teeth.” Then we ask: Why do you want white teeth? They answered: “I want to kiss my boyfriend.” Then we ask: Why do you want your boyfriend to kiss you? Which is this methodology? Laddering/Means-end chain Laddering/Means-end We asked people to choose pictures that represent their feelings about our product. This is? Why is this methodology powerful? Metaphor analysis Metaphor Picture association People use oral language to lie. Pictures People go deeper into the Freudian abyss. go Video: in Freud file Video: I will read you a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind. This is? Word Association Word The researcher reads you a series of The words. After each word you are asked to give the first thing that comes to mind (deep Freudian thoughts are faster). (deep Instead of words, I use nonsensical images developed by Rorschach. Ink blots Ink blots • Rorschach tests What is the major problem with ink blots Unreliability of ink blots Unreliability of ink blots I was drinking a Coke and …… What is this? Sentence Completion Sentence I was going to FIU and… Tsalikis’s class was wonderful but… The following is an example of __________? I am going to FIU right now. Cartoon Completion Cartoon Completion TAT stands for ____? Thematic Apperception Tests (TAT) Thematic In the Rapai video, he used last __________? Story Telling Story Telling Bring the subjects into hypnotic state and ask them to write a story about their first encounter with the product. If Pepsi was a tree, what tree would it be? This is? Personification If Toyota was a person (tree, dog), what kind of person would it be (where would it live, what kind of job would it have etc.). A simple and flexible projective technique in which respondents are asked to imagine something inanimate (often a brand) as if it were a person. They are asked to describe this person's lifestyle, appearance and so on, and may be asked to imagine where and how they might live, go on holiday, what kind of work they might do, and so on. As with all projective material, this is most useful if fed back into the discussion, respondents being invited to themselves consider what they have 'said' about the brand in this way. A common variant of this task is to ask respondents to imagin...
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