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MARnew review for Qualitative methodologies


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Unformatted text preview: e the brand as an animal, or as a car, or as some other object, and again to explore the parallels they are thus drawing. Draw anything that comes to mind when I say “Coke” What is this? Psycho­Drawing Psycho­Drawing • Draw anything that comes to mind when I say “Coke” Describe the personality of a KIA driver as opposed to the personality of a Mercedes driver. This is? Describe the people who use blackberry. File: Qualitative-personality: car personality, car motives sex On the door there is a sign saying “Pepsi.” You open the door and enter a room. Describe the room and the people in it. What are they doing? Looking glass Looking glass There is a door with a sign on it that says “Pepsi”. You open thedoor and get in the room. Describe the room, who is in it, what are they doing? There is that planet called PEPSI. We take a spaceship and go to this planet. Describe the planet, its people, cities, plants… This is? PEPSI just died. What are you going to write in its obituary. This is? Fantasy methodologies Planet Toyota Obituary According to this method you gather a group of experts and ask them to either solve a problem or predict the future trends. Dephi method Dephi The members are anonymous Include experts from diverse fields Video You are the boss, put on a fake mustache and pretend you are a regular shopper in your own store (or hire someone to do it for you). Mystery Shopping Mystery Boeing does it for every single customer, Publix does it when they loose thousands of customers. Exit Analysis Exit Interview people who have stopped buying Interview from you. from Study what happens after the customer buys your product at Publix....
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