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Unformatted text preview: ndergraduate Major Map MAC 2233---------------------MAC X233 or MAC X230 STA 2023----------------------STA X023 or STA X122 or QMB X100 CGS 2100 or CGS 2060--CGS X100 or CGS X100C or -----------------------------------CGS X530 or CGS X570 or -----------------------------------CGS X060 or CGS X531 or -----------------------------------CGS X000 or ISM X000 AGC 2021---------------------ACG X021 or ACG X022 or -----------------------------------ACG X001 and ACG X011 ACG 3301---------------------ACG X071 or ACG X301 *Critical Indicator is the minimum grade indicated in specific courses to demonstrate proficiency and progress in major. Earning less than the minimum grade is a trigger for a conversation with advisor.* GENERAL UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS Transfer students are assumed to have completed an Associates of Arts Degree from a Florida Public Institution or satisfied completed 60 credits and the University Core Curriculum Requirements. In addition, the following courses are required of incoming transfer students: Global Learning Requirement for Transfers: Transfers entering FIU Fall 2011 or later are required to take two Global Learning courses. Those who meet University Core Curriculum Requirements prior to entering FIU -Two Global Learning Discipline Specific Courses (One of the two may be a Global Learning Foundation Course chosen in consultation with your advisor) Those who do not meet University Core Curriculum Requirements prior to entering FIU -One Global Learning Foundation Course (from the University Core Curriculum) -One Global Learning Discipline Specific Course Transfer courses may not be used to meet the FIU Global Learning Requirement. For a list of Global learning courses: College of Business Transfer Requirements The College of Business majors are limited access programs: incoming transfer students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and have taken the courses listed at the end of this document (earning a grade of C or better). Students close to meeting these requirements will be considered, as applications are reviewed prior to admission to the College of Business....
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