Jan 30, 2006 summary

Jan 30, 2006 summary - American Foreign Policy...

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American Foreign Policy Class/Reading Summary January 30 th , 2007 Melville Herman: Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish -Mexico=loose fish for US to capture [fair game for anyone who can catch soonest] Wilentz, Sean: Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln Two major parties divide from within, 1844-very unlikely Liberty party as spoiler, make abolition political, force gov. to step away from slavery Halt expansion of slavery->demise Overwhelming political minority of slaveholders with 3/5ths clause Racist north laws, push black activists to make own organizations Good propaganda=publish ex-slave testimony Congress has gag-rule on addressing slavery issues-blocks all advancement Kill gag rule->sectional divisions spring up Texas annexation decides 1844 election->fear of Britain supporting independent state Manifest destiny as great support to annex Divisions over annex->democratic party intellectual resugence vs. slavery Calhoun->polarize national politics along texas annex Clay=anti annex b/c of possible war w/ Mexico S. Dems->racist, anti-Catholic smear campaign vs. Polk
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Jan 30, 2006 summary - American Foreign Policy...

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