January 25th 1790 CORRECT

January 25th 1790 CORRECT - January 25th 1790-1830 GW’s...

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January 25 th 1790-1830 GW’s Farewell Address - Contrary to popular opinion, GW did not advocate isolationism, he called for the avoidance of entangling alliances - Americans should identify themselves as Americans over all other differences - The unity of the different sectors of America is the main pillar holding up liberty - Don’t split into factions, because they tear at America’s unity - Don’t be in debt to foreigners, maintain goodwill towards all nations - Extend commercial relations with other countries, but not political ones John Quincy Adams on U.S. Foreign Policy - AFP has acted according to GW’s farewell address for 50 years - US doesn’t go abroad, seeking monsters to destroy, but wishes well to everyone International Engagement and American Democracy, Aristide Zolberg - It’s widely accepted that war centralized European states, ending feudalism - He argues that US isolationism was not because of geography but because of policy choice which was facilitated by relatively isolated geography
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