Feb 15th - Korea and beyond

Feb 15th - Korea and beyond - Feb 15 Korea and Beyond...

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Feb. 15 Korea and Beyond, 1950—1960 IDs Munich – 1938 Containment NSC-68 –1950 – (National Security Council document) Cold War blueprint written by Paul Nitze (State Dept.); alarms American public Calls for increase in defense expenditures Washington follows recommendations pretty closely [see Gaddis reading] Korean War – 1950-1953 US had pulled troops out of Korea in 1949—it was out of US “defense perimeter” Communist North Korea attacks South Korea—(we blame Stalin, but he didn’t do much). US sends in troops; Chinese sneak down from the north, beat the crap out of us Ends in stalemate; MacArthur wanted to go further and bomb China, but we wouldn’t have gotten anything out of that Begs the question: what part of the world is America not willing to fight for? makes us obliged to fight later in Vietnam ECSC – 1952 – European Coal and Steal Community Beginnings of the European Union Plan for Germany and France to produce steel together Each has veto power In order to foster good relations Iranian Coup –1953 – US (CIA) overthrows Mossadegh government, installs Shah US interest in preserving Western control of Iranian oil Shah was even worse—led to Iranian Revolution of 1979 Guatemalan Coup –1954 Spurred by early success of Iranian Coup, US’ CIA overthrows leader Warsaw Pact – 1955 – organization of communist states in Central/Eastern Europe Communist answer to NATO Lasted until about 1991 with collapse of most communist states Suez Crisis –1956 – struggle for control of Middle East (see Kissinger reading)
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Feb 15th - Korea and beyond - Feb 15 Korea and Beyond...

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