Feb 6th - WWI

Feb 6th - WWI - Natali Segovia [email protected] Maj2122...

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Natali Segovia n [email protected] Maj2122 American Foreign Policy: February 6, 2006 – World War I : The Great War or “The War to End All Wars” (1914-1918). Left millions dead, shaped the modern world. Allied Powers = Entente = France, Russia, Britain, later Italy, US Defeated Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Germany and Ottoman Empire Was a decisive break from old world order after Napoleonic Wars. Outcomes in WWI would impact development of WWII. Causes - A naval arms race between Britain and Germanyw as intensified by 1906 launch of HMS Dreadnought, a warship that rendered others obsolete. Shipbuilding was as a movement towards war. War plans on part of Germany, France and Russia catalyzed the war due to a perceived sense of the offensive and fear of war. o Schlieffen Plan (Germany) – outlined German strategy if at war with France and Russia. Conflict on 2 fronts meant Germany had to eliminate one before the other quickly. The plan called for a strong attack to seize Belgium (neutral and small) and cripple the French by pre-emption. o Plan XVII (France) – called for an offensive move into Germany’s industrial Ruhr Valley which would cripple Germany o Plan XIX (Russia) – mobilization of armies against both Austria-Hungary & Germany War beginnings – (July Crisis of 1914) June 28, 1914 – Archduke of Austria-Hungary killed in Bosnia. Austria-Hungary wanted to annex Serbia. With Germany’s support after June 28, they moved in on July 28. Russia also moved to mobilize. August 2 – Germany occupies Luxembourg in Belgium as 1 st step of Schlieffen Plan. Belgians refused to give them free passage and Germany violated Belgian neutrality. GB then mobilized against Germany due to this violation and declared war on August 4, expecting a limited war. Trench warfare –
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Feb 6th - WWI - Natali Segovia [email protected] Maj2122...

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