6 rank the electric fields within

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Unformatted text preview: e attracted to or repelled by the rod? (Or will there be no interaction between them?) Explain your reasoning. (5 pts) 9. A +1.0 µC (µ = 10 ­6) charge is fixed in space as shown below. A 1.0 nC charge (n = 10 ­9) is released from rest at point i. Determine its kinetic energy as it passes through point f. (Points i and f are just points in space.) (8 pts) i f + 1.0 cm 1.0 cm Name__________________________________ 10. The figure at right represents a parallel ­plate capacitor. The unlabeled dot on the 100 V equipotential line is just a point in space. a. On the diagram, label which plate is negative and which plate is positive. b. Sketch electric field lines in the region between the plates, and determine the magnitude of the electric field at the location of the dot. (6 pts) A  ­0.010 C charge (negative!) is placed at the location of the dot. c. Determine the magnitude and direction of the force on the charge. (5 pts) d. Determine the work required to move the charge from the location of the dot to the left plate. (5 pts)...
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