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Unformatted text preview: or time interval. (1 pt) c. Is B ever at rest? If so, give the specific time or time interval. (1 pt) d. Is B ever moving at a constant speed? If so, give the specific time or time interval. (1 pt) e. Does A ever pass B, or does B ever pass A? Explain how you know. (2 pts) f. Are A and B ever moving at the same speed? Explain how you know. (2 pts) Name__________________________________ 10. Four different mice – A, B, C, and D – ran the triangular maze shown below. They started in the lower left corner and followed the paths of the arrows. The times they took are shown below each figure. A B C D ∆t = 2 s ∆t = 2 s ∆t = 4 s ∆t = 4 s For each item below, write the letters of all the mice that fit the description. (There could be more than one in each case.) a. This mouse had the greatest average speed. (2 b. This mouse had the greatest displacement. (2 pts) pts) c. This mouse had an average velocity that points to d. This mouse had the greatest average velocity. (2 the right. (2 pts) pts) 11. A box is pulled to the right along the floor by a rope. It moves at a constant speed. a. Identify all of the forces that act on the box. (4 pts) b. Is the net force on the box to the right, to the left, or is there no net force on the box? (2 pts) ! 12. Find the x ­ and y ­components of the vector A in the coordinate ! system shown. The magnitude of vector A is 4.0 units. (4 pts) +y ! ! 30° +x Name__________________________________ 13. An object moves according to the v t graph at right. Draw a quantitatively correct a t graph on the axes below. (You need to get the numbers right, so you may need to do some simple calculations below. I’ve filled in numbers on the horizontal axis, but you need to fill in appropriate numbers on the vertical axis.) (6 pts) 14. A skier skis off a level cliff, and lands on a level stretch 5.0 m below, and 8.0 m out from the base of the cliff as shown. How fast was she going when she went over the cliff? (Use g = 10 m/s2) (6 pts) 5.0 m 8.0 m Name__________________________________ 15. You’re about to run the 100 ­m dash in the conference championships. If you run with a constant acceleration of 5.0 m/s2 for 2.0 s in order to attain your top speed, and then maintain that speed through the finish line, what will be your total time? (For full credit your solution must include a motion diagram, qualitatively correct graphs of position vs. time, velocity vs. time, and acceleration vs. time, a solution beginning from fundamental equations, proper units and significant figures, and an answer to the question posed in the problem.) (12 points)...
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