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Unformatted text preview: constant. (Be sure to carefully describe the motion, and to use Newton’s laws in your explanation.) (4 pts) 13. Your forearm may be modeled as a uniform rod of length 0.40 m and of weight 15 N, free to pivot about your elbow. Your biceps is connected to your forearm at a point 0.040 m from your elbow, as shown. Determine the force that your biceps must exert to maintain your forearm in equilibrium, at an angle of 30˚ below the horizontal. (8 pts) Fbiceps elbow 30˚ forearm Name__________________________________ 14. Wearing spiked shoes, you pull a box that weighs 400 N along level ice with a 200 N force that’s directed 30° above the horizontal. Friction between the ice and the box is so small it can be neglected. What will be the acceleration of the box? (For full credit your solution must include a correct free ­body diagram, a solution beginning from fundamental equations, proper units, and significant figures.) (12 points)...
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