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Unformatted text preview: 40 kg diver creates about the left end of the diving board. (3 pts) 7. Two ice skaters, Tessa and Scott, face each other on the ice and push off against each other. Tessa has a mass o the 0 kg a the board? tical force exerted by f 5hinge on nd Scott has a mass of 75 kg. As a result of the push off, Tessa moves off to the left with a speed of 3.0 m/s. With what speed does Scott move off? (4 pts) significant figures. 1/8/10 3:09 P 8. Your forearm may be modeled as a uniform rod of length 0.40 m and of weight 10 N, free to pivot about your elbow. Your biceps is connected to your forearm at a point 0.040 m from your elbow. Determine the force that your biceps must exert to maintain your forearm in equilibrium, as shown. (5 pts) Fbiceps elbow forearm a 27 springboard, as shown in the figure. The board is attached to a hinge at the left end but simply rests on the right support. Name__________________________________ 9. A 2.0 ­m ­long airplane propeller is free to rotate about an axis through its center. a. Find the torque created by the 100 N force shown in the diagram about the center of the propeller. (5 pts) 30° 100 N b. Is it possible to create the same torque with only half the force? If so, indicate on the diagram where this force should be applied and in what direction. If not, explain why not. (2 pts) 10. A 1.0 kg mass hangs from a spring, stretching it from its equilibrium position by 0.10 m. a. Determine the spring constant of the spring. (3 pts) b. Now the 1.0 kg mass is removed and a 3.0 kg mass is hung from the same spring. How much is the spring stretched from its equilibrium position? (3 pts) c. The 3.0 kg mass now hangs from a second spring that has a higher spring constant than the first spring. Will the second spring stretch more or less from its equilibrium position, compared to the first spring? (Or will there be no difference?) (2 pts) Name__________________________________ 11. A 4.0 kg cart on a level track is pulled with a horizontal spring that’s stretched 2.0 cm from its equilibrium length. The spring constant of the spring is 100 N/m. The cart moves with constant velocity. Friction may not be ignored. a. Find the magnitude of the frictional force on the cart. (5 pts) b. Now the spring is stretched twice as far from its equilibrium length. Find the acceleration of the cart. (2 pts) 12. A 0.50 kg hockey puck at rest is hit by a hockey stick. It moves off with a speed of 20 m/s. A graph of the force experienced by the hockey puck as a function of time is given at right. Determine the value of Fmax. (5 pts) + Fmax 0 -...
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