2.7-2.14 - Intro. to Int'l Relations 2.7-2.14 Economic...

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Intro. to Int’l Relations 2.7-2.14 Economic Sanctions Economic sanctions : restriction of commercial relations b/w citizens/firms of two different countries Economic sanctions often used to threaten other country, but also used to help out domestic companies Iraq sanctions prove how it is difficult to only harm people you want to target -Saddam+family were fine, but many Iraqis died Economic sanctions criticized as not working very well -studies show they work about 40% of the time -compared to what? Other options may be less successful -one party may cave in before sanctions imposed, so they work more than 40% -“may be more effective than we give them credit for”- STOLL If issue is of great importance to one country, they will resist sanctions (SA apartheid) Decision-making When political leaders make big decisions, they speak w/ “tutorial-sized” group Rational actor model : use of this model views gov’t as if it was single rational actor -you don’t assume that anyone in gov’t is rational as individual, but gov’t is rational when all thoughts are brought together Four steps to behaving as rational actor: 1) figuring out goals/objectives 2) what options do they have? 3) what are the consequences? 4) what choice is made? Milton Friedman: counter-argument to notion that people don’t use rational-actor model -pool hall example: you would use physics to figure out next billiards shot -as long as you can predict next shot, who cares that you didn’t ace physics? -rational actor model allows us to predict decisions, such as next pool shot Rational actor explanation for why Saddam didn’t announce he had no more WMDs: 1) if his internal opponents knew this, they would see him as being weaker and might rise up 2) his people would see they suffered from sanctions for no good reason 3) threat from countries outside Iraq
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2.7-2.14 - Intro. to Int'l Relations 2.7-2.14 Economic...

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