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Unformatted text preview: e - left hemisphere = language - right eye - didn't see anything - left eye, right brain, left hand, & vice versa - prefrontal cortex: the center of rationality & integration The Frontal Lobes 1930’s & 40’s : Frontal Lobes subserved “abstract attitude, foresight, and intellectual synthesis” 1940’s & 50’s: Prefrontal cortex lacks functional significance Hebb, 1945 Frontal Lobes as the ‘Final Frontier’ in neuropsychology Brickner, 1936; Goldstein Stuss and Levine, 2002 The cognitive architecture of the frontal lobes has remained one of the great enigmas of neuropsychology Cato et al. 2004 Neurological-perceptual problem - guess face expression but can't really see it - a person becomes blind, damage its visual system - a visual system contains many area - blindsight (primary visual cortex) - e.g., guessing shapes, or spatial locations of shapes on a screen, or movement direction of dots on a screen - e.g., 53 year-old physician with no functional visual cortices -> recognizing face expressions - a person becomes blind, damage its visual system - a visual system contains many area Phineas Gage - before the accident, P.G. was "the most efficient and capable foreman" - hurt the frontal lobes (frontal cortex) - he changed after accident, his basic personality changed dramatically (became a jerk) Considerable agreement in the literature of a functional frontal lobe dissociation - where - upper part of prefrontal cortex: dorsal area Dorsal = Cognitive - what - more specialized in affect Ventral = Affective Cognitive (Dorsal) - maintaining and shifting attention - mental flexibility - abstract thinking - feedback utilization - inhibition of response - motivation/initiative - creativity - concentration - working memory Affective (Ventral) - control of behaviour - processing emotions and reward - emotional decoding - social inhibition (impulse control) - primary reinforcers (food, sex, social affiliation) If we damage emotion processing areas… - socially indiscriminate - socially isolated - difficulty initiating tasks - difficulty terminating task/perseveration - impaired parenting - blunted emotion - hypersexuality - dietary change - poor decision making (unstructured situations) - inability to regulate behaviour according to internal goals (SRD) - low motivation - highly distractible - uncreative Why Pro-Con Lists work poorly... - emotion and cognition are not separate Emotion influences everyday “rational” decision making (Antonio Damasio) - the person is unaware Emotional evaluation guides reasoning - carbon tax vs. carbon offset (tax = negative emotion) - changing the single word changes the votes of republicans “Gut Feelings” - a person's gut feelings is very sensitive Persuasion: Rokia vs. statistics - mostly done emotionally Somatic Marker Hypothesis Sensory information activates the VPFC - send the signals Causes autonomic arousal - causes low level of autonomic arousal and create non-conscious bi...
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