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SF Cost info for Proposal phase

SF Cost info for Proposal phase - Corporate Headquarters...

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c#/t Sc:Q~~~~ Corporate Headquarters ftari:T lbrJt>~ ZQJ..3 Project Notes Jacob White Construction Company strives to exceed client expectations in all areas and did so with this state- of-the-art commercial building. Strategically located at the entrance to a park-and-ride center at the intersection of two major roadways. Jacob White focused on Green technology in the design and completion of the 24,000-square-foot LEED® Platinum registered building. Green technology can reduce water consumption, electricity, and waste that will improve efficiency, air quality, and increase the overall value of the building. Studies show that improved air quality and the use of materials that do not emit volatile organic compounds can increase productivity from five to 28 percent based on the type of business. Indoor Air Quality Standards (IAQ) were met using filtration, air stream purification, tobacco smoke control, and C0 2 monitoring with enhanced ventilation effectiveness. Indoor climate controls were designed and distributed to allow both perimeter and non-perimeter spaces to be independently controlled with thermal comfort meeting the applicable ASHRAE standards; monitored on a real- time basis by the building's energy management system. Ninety percent of the spaces within the building have access to daylight and a view of the exterior. The building also includes the latest in "touch technologies," a developed anti-microbial surface shown to eliminate the threat of common colds and flu. The building is home to the area's largest living (green) roof, as well as many green features such as storing over 465,000 gallons of storm water runoff for irrigation and water closet use, illuminating the exterior with highly efficient LED lighting, and power supplied by 100% green power. High efficiency, CFC free cooling equipment with electric heat was used in the building. It included MERV 13 filtration, C0 2 monitoring, and UV -C light air stream purification treatment. Equipment is monitored and controlled by an extensive energy management system. The building has a calculated roof R-value of 61 (excluding the evaporative cooling effect of the green roof); wall R-values of 24+ and l-inch insulated glazing with minimal UV transmittance and low emissivity coatings. The building is projected to use an average of 30,000 kWh per month of electrical power. Overall energy reduction techniques (equipment, construction and operation) resulted in an energy usage level of 55% less than a baseline building. Upon completion, Jacob White Construction now officially has four "LEED buildings" under its belt and is working on its own new 10,000 square foot headquarters being built to LEED Platinum certified standards. FoR. ~ib paS ,J. ?""p' ~ P. iUACe CeiYI S 'htAd- lc.t'L 'o.S f-- {tz. frAA~t?~~'#J - ~ tJrJO {h.
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