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Shaun Wise Paper 3 The Politics of Jesus is a book that was written by John Howard Yoder; that shows Jesus as a revolutionary, instead of the Jesus we know from the Bible, the spiritual son of God. Yoder uses quotes from the Bible to reinforce his theories. He does this by explaining the history of the passage, and how it was probably perceived by the people of Jesus’ time. Yoder begins the book by explaining that Jesus was a man who strived for social change. Yoder believes that Jesus was trying to promote this change by telling people a the way to act, instead of what to believe. Yoder points out that the church seems to take away this side of Jesus by portraying him as an “ average Joe” on the social and economic level. In chapter 2, Yoder uses quotes from the Book of Luke to try to show his perspective of Jesus. In the next chapter Yoder presents evidence that Jesus wanted to reinstate the Jubilee. Just before the midpoint of the book Yoder begins to talk about pacifism. He first talks about how Jesus would have read the Old Testament. Yoder uses
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