True ministries

True ministries - Stumbling blocks Cant have wives and GFs...

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True ministries Pastor: Guy Ianello Jeans, tucked, in dress shirt, Long hair pulled back in pony tail Early 50s Was a drug addict, in out of jail, saved by god, god led him to create ministries, outreached to people in his position 1 or 2 days a week preaching in jail intense program, have to follow rules owns houses where people of ministry can live only men can live in houses no actual church, rent room from church on Fridays, Sunday morning communion, Sunday night prayer, Tuesday bible study in houses Friday 4 hours all people in houses are required to go- 7:30 First 2 hours, praise and worship Screen shows words to songs Large room, few people, spread out Upbeat songs have people dancing This service invites holy spirit into room Music gets slower, and darker Silent, people lay on floor cry, hands to sky Pastor on floor After slow music lights come on people sit in seats Next hour sermon- intense Believe that Christianity is having a relationship with God on personal level Have to live life certain way to have this relationship
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Unformatted text preview: Stumbling blocks Cant have wives and GFs around because if women get scared away, person might get scared away Drugs, alcohol, hanging out with homos Friends of other religions Surround yourself with people of same beliefs, because they help w/relationship with god People believe god speaks through Pastor, God speaks to him, If god hasnt prepared him, then he just wings it Final- two more songs Pastor starts speaking in tongues. Language of Holy Spirit. Can only do this if you are saved by the Holy Spirit ( born again ), every person sounds different ( amashkanameesh ) Pastor says anyone wants to receive prayer come to the front- Jar of oil Pastor- says different things to people People shake and fall over People go up for multiple prayers Pray for miracles for as long as it takes- any disease injury are demonic- heredetery curse Have to be born again for curse to be broken Commands demons to leave In the name of Jesus Over by 11:30, but could last longer...
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True ministries - Stumbling blocks Cant have wives and GFs...

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