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Paper5 - God has a reason for what is happening They also...

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Shaun Wise 12/6/07 Week 15 paper The Future of an Illusion is Sigmund Freud’s book about his feelings on religion . Freud believes that religion is an illusion that people believe to feel that they have some control over the uncontrollable force of nature . The tendency for humans to move toward religion demonstrates that people are afraid of a world, which they can’t control, so they believe in an “illusion” that gives an understanding to the world. From a young age children are taught the religious “illusion” . This does not allow the children to know anything else . So, their whole life they have this belief in a fatherly being who is in control of the world ; God controls nature, God gives laws for humanity, and God controls a person’s afterlife . This gives God total control of everything that happens on Earth . People move toward religion to give them a feeling of comfort about the world . Religious people do not have to fear what will happen in nature, because they believe that
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Unformatted text preview: God has a reason for what is happening . They also believe that God has given society a set of laws to control the actions of people . If these rules are broken, then God will punish the evildoer . Over time religion has become less relevant in peoples’ lives because more concepts, that were previously misunderstood, have been explained through science . Religion has also been changed over time to fit into human’s agenda . Eventually, Freud believes that religion can be removed from human society because civilization can survive without religion . People should understand what is right and wrong based on what would be productive or destructive to society . Freud’s ideas seem to make a lot of sense to me . I have seen religion as a “fairytale” that taught a great lesson since I was younger . It was hard for me to believe that some being controlled every aspect of our world and life ....
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