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Unformatted text preview: ssues with assessing students’ work, as instructors really do not know who completed assignments completed assignments. 37 Role 6: Telecommuting Role 6: Telecommuting Source: © Maria R.T. Deseo/PhotoEdit 38 Telecommuting Benefits Telecommuting Benefits For Employees ◦ Reduced stress, improved family life ◦ Employment opportunities for single parents and persons with disabilities For Employers ◦ Increased productivity to retain skilled employees ◦ Ability to retain skilled employees BUT … 39 Telecommuting Disadvantages Telecommuting Disadvantages For Employees ◦ Feelings of isolation ◦ No workplace visibility ◦ Potential for slower promotions For Employers Employers ◦ Difficulties in supervising work ◦ Potential information security problems information security problems ◦ Additional training costs 40 Case Case study: Information video on the fly (Ch (Ch. 6 4th ed. P age 163) 163) • The Problem Problem • The Solution • The Results • Opportunities for other applications? • Which of the 3 generic networks roles, and of the generic networks roles and which of the other roles are enabled? Can be enabled? 41 Review Review Network Applications (Roles) Three generic roles: 1. Discovery 2. Communications 3. Collaboration Three roles where the above take place: th 4. e-Learning 5. Distance learning learning 6. Telecommuting Other key roles: key roles: e-Commerce; e-Work, e-Service, e- Business 42 If discovery is a work activity, how can we optimize it? 1. Discovery Discovery Discovery allows users to browse and search data sources, in all topic areas, on the Web. ◦ Search engines ◦ Metasearch engines ◦ Search in foreign languages Organizing data, information, knowledge Vs. Accessing and retrieving what you seek/need 43 Top Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines February 2013 February 2013 eBizMBA Estimated Unique Monthly Vi Visitors (Mil.) (Mil 900 165 160 125 33 1.0 19 9 4.3 2.9 2.7 2.6 2 1.5 1.2 44 Other Interesting Search Engines Other Interesting Search Engines These examples were shared by former students of IE332 FilesTube ◦ Search and download files from file sharing and upload sites GoSasa ◦ Metasearch engine that finds free online classified ads of all kinds classified ads of all kinds 45 Search is a work activity to be optimized How do you search? How do you search? 46 Note the relevance to your Group Project A Corporate Portal Framework Cor 47 Corporate Portal (example) Cor (example) 48 Corporate Portal (a different example Corporate Portal (a different example) 49 Industrywide Portal (example) Industrywide Portal (example) 50 2. 2. Communication See TG.4 [3rd ed.] 6th [Ch. 4th ed.] Telecommunication Networks: LAN; WAN; Enterprise networks LAN; WAN; Enterprise networks Network protocols Internet/Intranet based Electronic mail (e-mail) Web-based call centers (customer call center) Electronic chat room (P2P and SMS) Video Conferencing Conferencing ◦ Skype ◦ GoToMeeting 51 Electronic Mail Electronic Mail The lar...
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