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Ed telecommunication networks lan wan enterprise

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Unformatted text preview: gest - volume application on the Internet 52 Call Centers Call Centers Call Center in the United States Call Center in India BBC News - Are call centres the factories of the 21st Century? th 21 53 Electronic Chat Room Electronic Chat Room 54 “Two heads are better than one” 3. 3. Collaboration Collaboration implies efforts of two or more entities (individuals, teams, groups or entities (individuals, teams, groups or organizations) who work together to accomplish certain tasks ◦ Work group ◦ Virtual group (team) [1c1 1+1] [1c1 > 1+1] Collaboration depends on communication depends on communication Communication now enables e-Collaboration: ◦ Cyber-supported collaboration ◦ Among sensors, machines, robots, software-agents (bots) 55 Collaboration (continued) Collaboration (continued) Virtual collaboration Workflow technologies Groupware Teleconferencing Videoconference Web conferencing Real-time collaboration tools 56 Workflow and Groupware Technologies Workflow and Groupware Technologies 57 Telepresence Systems Telepresence Systems 58 WebWeb-based Collaboration Light-weight tools Google Docs Microsoft SharePoint IBM Lotus Quickr Jive Powerful emerging tools Purdue’s HUBzero.org School of IE HUB-CI 59 Exam Exam 1 Preview IE 332 332 Coverage: See Slide #3 above “How do I prepare for Exam 1?” do prepare for Exam 1? Read through “Reviews” of each class Review all Parts of HWs (“Know”; Read etc.) and solution “Submit”; “Read” etc.) and solution guidelines posted Discuss what are common problems that what are common problems that students run into during lab sessions Review lecture slides lecture slides Textbook (summary, glossary, and case studies) 61 Things to Bring Things to Bring Student Id. Black or Blue Pens (several) ◦ No pencil is allowed. pencil is allowed. ◦ You will have -10 points if you write your answers in pencil. Healthy body and clear mind ◦ Do not fall asleep before the exam not fall asleep before the exam ◦ Or: make your friend call you 62 Thin Things NOT to Bring Notes / Slides Books Calculators Mobile devices Cheat sheets sheets Leave your bag(s) in the front part of the the classroom classroom Bad handwriting: If I cannot read it, I will not grade it 63 What What to do after finishing Exam 1? 1? If you finish your exam within the time limit, ◦ Hand your answer sheet to one of the proctors ◦ Quietly leave the classroom with your own belongings. When time is up, ◦ Put your pen down immediately! your pen down immediately! ◦ Stay seated, the proctors will collect your answer sheets ◦ After all answer sheets are collected, leave the classroom with your own belongings. 64 Grading Expectations Grading Expectations How to get A: ◦ Actively participate in the participate in the discussions ◦ Think outside the box ◦ Criticize the textbook ◦ Create and articulate your own thoughts based on what you learned in the labs and classes How to get C: th ◦ Come to the class ◦ Review the review questions ◦ Double check lab check lab assignments How to get D or below ◦ ?? How to get B: ◦ Re-solve the homework the homework questions ◦ Re-read the textbook ◦ Review the slides, classnotes ◦ Go through functions learned in labs 6 5...
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