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Unformatted text preview: y wide portals 23 Affinity Portal (example) Affinity Portal (example) Figure 4.12 University of West Georgia affinity portal. (Courtesy of West Georgia University.) 24 Industry wide Portal (example) Industry-wide Portal (example) Figure 4.13 The TruckNet portal 25 Role 2: Communication Role 2: Communication Electronic mail (e-mail) mail (e Web-based call centers (customer call center) Electronic chat room Voice Unified © Mario S Ragma Jr/Age Fotostock America, Inc. 26 Electronic Mail Electronic Mail Source: Stockphoto4u/iStockphoto 27 Call Centers Call Centers © Dinodia/Age Fotostock America, Inc. 28 Voice Communication Voice Communication Two examples of Internet telephony (VoIP) Skype Vonage 29 “Two heads are better than one” Role Role 3: Collaboration Work by two or more entities (individuals, teams, groups, robots, machines, agents, or organizations) who work together to accomplish certain tasks Work group Virtual group (team) Cyber-supported collaboration Source: Howard Kingsnorth/The Image Bank/Getty Images, Inc. 30 Collaboration (continued) Collaboration (continued) Virtual collaboration Collaboration software Electronic Teleconferencing Teleconferencing E-Learning and Distance Learning Some key enablers: Workflow technologies: Facilitate the movement of information as it flows through the sequence of steps that make up an the sequence of steps that make up an organization’s work procedures. Includes workflow management and workflow systems systems. Groupware: Software products supporting groups of people/machines who share a common task or goal and who collaborate to accomplish it. 31 Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing © YURI ACURS/Age Fotostock America, Inc. 32 Software Software products supporting ll collaboration (examples) Microsoft Sharepoint Sharepoint IBM Lotus Quickr Google Docs Jive Software Add your example? 33 Telepresence Systems Telepresence Systems Source: PRNews Foto/Polycom, Inc./NewsCom See video on Cisco Magic 34 Role Role 4, 5: E-Learning and Distance ELearning (virtual universities Learning (virtual universities & communities) communities) E-Learning Distance learning Source: Mike Flippo/Shutterstock 35 Benefits of Benefits of E-Learning Self-paced learning increases content retention. Online materials deliver high-quality, current content content. Students have the flexibility of learning from any place at any time at their own pace. Learning time generally is shorter (recall individual differences), and more people can be trained due to faster training time. ti Training costs can be reduced. BUT …. 36 Drawbacks of E-Learning Drawbacks of Instructors may need training to be able to teach electronically teach electronically. Learners’ discipline and motivation may be weaker than by class and face-to-face learning. Limited lab experience. (The purchase of additional multimedia equipment may be necessary.) Students must be computer literate and may miss the face-to-face interaction with instructors. There are i...
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