A controversial view is presented and evidence for

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Unformatted text preview: eparated. simple charged spheres. The properties of an electride (B) All of the trapped electrons are able to delocalize. depend largely on the distance between the cavities that (C) The trapped electrons are liberated by hold trapped electrons. When the trapped electrons are far impinging photons. apart, they do not interact strongly, and so behave (D) The ions are tightly packed together. somewhat like an array of isolated negative charges. (E) Most of the cations have lost their electrical When they are closer together, they begin to display charge. properties associated with large ensembles of identical particles. When they are still closer, the ensemble properties dominate and the electrons "delocalize". 83 Exercise 15 Questions 1 to 3 are based on the following reading 1. Select the sentence that is used as evidence that passage. workers worker bees are capable of thwarting each other's attempts to reproduce. Typically the queen honeybee is mother to all the bees in a hive; after mating with several male drones from 2. The inner workings in a honeybee hive that regulate other colonies, she lays fertilized eggs that develop into reproduction, as they are described in the passage, Line all-female worker bees and lays unfertilized eggs that are most similar to which of the following 5 become all-male drones. According to natural selection types of human societies? theory, a worker would enhance her fitness --or ability to (A) A totalitarian society in which citizens' propagate her genes-by hatching her own eggs in addition "policing" of each other's actions helps to to or in place of the queen's. But a typical worker's fitness maintain the status quo. would be diminished if other workers' sons, who have 10 (B) A pacifist state in which the individuals are less genetic material in common with the worker, strongly opposed to the use of violence or supplanted the queen's sons (the worker's brothers). aggression to settle disputes. Researchers, testing the hypothesis that workers usually (C) A democratic society in which the voice of the somehow block each other's attempts to reproduce, put majority rules. unfertilized eggs laid by workers and by the queen into a 15 (D) A parliamentary society in which a few members, hive. Other workers quickly devoured the workers' eggs organized as a cabinet wield executive power. while leaving the queen's eggs alone. (E) An anarchic state in which order and stable social structures are lacking 3. The passage best supports which of the following inferences about the fitness of honeybees? (A) Reproduction diminishes any individual honey-bee's fitness. (B) An individual worker's fitness can be maintained without the individual herself reproducing. (C) A hierarchy of stronger and weaker individuals among the worker bees determines which individuals will reproduce when a queen dies. (D) While a queen reigns, the fitness of the worker bees is increased and that of the drones is diminished. (E) Fit...
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