Arrhenius transitions and classical mechanics gives

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Unformatted text preview: oup tended to bear to better feeding pools, which usually attract larger numbers of marks that were more distinctive to predators than the birds. animals located in the interior of the group. (162 words) (E) Animals on the periphery of a group tended to have shorter life spans than animals located in the interior of the group. F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 7.The passage provides information in support of which of the following assertions EXCEPT? A Similar behavior in different species of animals does not necessarily serve the same purpose. B Vigilant behavior aimed at predators is seldom more beneficial to groups of animals than to individual animals. C The avoidance of predators is more important to an animal's survival than is the quest for food. 184 Which of the following, if justifiably assumed, allows 8. The painter Peter Brandon never dated his works, and the conclusion to be properly drawn? their chronology is only now beginning to take shape in the critical literature. A recent dating of a Brandon (A) There is no securely dated self-portrait of Brandon self-portrait to 1930 is surely wrong. Brandon was 63 that he painted when he was significantly younger years old in 1930, yet the painting shows a young, than 63. dark-haired man-obviously Brandon, but clearly not a man of 63. (B) In refraining from dating his works, Brandon intended to steer critical discussion of them away from considerations of chronology. (C) Until recently, there was very little critical literature on the works of Brandon. (D) Brandon at age 63 would not have portrayed himself in a painting as he had looked when he was a young man. (E) Brandon painted several self-portraits that showed him as a man past the age of 60. 185 This is not to deny that the Black gospel music of the 9.The author mentions "folk fashion" most likely in order to early twentieth century differed in important ways from the (A) counter an assertion about the role of improvi- slave spirituals. Whereas spirituals were created and sation in music created by Black people disseminated in folk fashion, gospel music was composed, (B) compare early gospel music with gospel music published, copyrighted, and sold by professionals. written later in the twentieth century Nevertheless, improvisation remained central to gospel music. (C) make a distinction between gospel music and One has only to listen to the recorded repertoire of gospel slave spirituals songs to realize that Black gospel singers rarely sang a song (D) introduce a discussion about the dissemination of precisely the same way twice and never according t o its exact slave spirituals musical notation. They performed what jazz musicians call (E) describe a similarity between gospel music and "head arrangements" proceeding from their own feelings and slave spirituals from the way "the spirit" moved them at the time. This improvisatory element was reflected in the mann...
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