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Unformatted text preview: ences existing between Mexican and 5 Mexican American theater. are usually performed outdoors by traveling groups of players or by local theater groups. The improvised comic (C) Their views concerning the Mexican carpa are satire of the actos is often attributed to Valdez' study of essentially correct, but they lack familiarity the Italian commedia dell' arte of the sixteenth century, with the acto. although some critics see it as a direct reflection of the 10 (D) Their views are probably more correct than the comic and improvisational qualities of the more views of those who have attributed the contemporary and local carpas of Mexican theater. The comic and improvisational elements of the Italian influence is likely, whatever Valdez‘ i mmediate acto to earlier sources. source: the Mexican carpas themselves are said to have (E) Their views betray a lack of familiarity with originated from the theater pieces of a sixteenth-century 15 the commedia dell'arte. Spanish writer inspired by encounters with Italian commedia dell'arte troupes on tour in Spain. 5. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the author's argument concerning the debt of the acto to the theater traditions of other periods and regions? (A) Many popular forms of theater rely heavily on improvisation. (B) Plays resembling the acto in structure were written in the 1970's by West African playwrights who are interested in dramatizing the richness of their own cultures. (C) The use of masks has, at one time or another, been characteristic of the theater traditions of almost all cultures, even those most isolated from outside influences. (D) During a strike, it is common for union members to present musical skits dramatizing the values of solidarity and resistance. (E) Before 1965 Luis Valdez had attended many performances of traditional Mexican theater groups touring the western United States. 91 Questions 6 and 7 are based on the following reading passage. The appreciation of traditional oral American Indian 6. Which of the following is most likely one of the literature has been limited, hampered by poor translations reasons that the author mentions the work of N. Scott Momaday? (A) To illustrate how the author believes that and by the difficulty, even in the rare culturally sensitive Line and aesthetically satisfying translation, of completely conveying the original's verse structure, tone, and syntax. some American Indian writers have broadened By writing in English and experimenting with European 5 their potential audience (B) To emphasize the similarities between literary forms, contemporary American Indian writers have broadened their potential audience, while clearly retaining many essential characteristics of their ancestral 10 Momaday's writings and their European literary models (C) To demonstrate the contemporary appeal of oral traditions. For example, Pulitzer-prize-winning traditional Native American oral literature author N. Scott Momaday's poetry often treats art...
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