English colonies of north america a racial prejudice

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Unformatted text preview: ess of novelistic construction is best supported by the passage? (A) James, more than any other novelist, was aware of the difficulties of novelistic construction. (B) James was very aware of the details of novelistic construction. (C) James‘s awareness of novelistic construction derived from his reading of Bronte. (D) James ‘s awareness of novelistic construction has led most commentators to see unity in his individual novels. (E) James ‘s awareness of novelistic construction precluded him from violating the unity of his novels. 3. The author of the passage would be most likely to agree that an interpretation of a novel should (A) not try to unite heterogeneous elements in the novel (B) not be inflexible in its treatment of the elements in the novel (C) not argue that the complex use of narrators or of time shifts indicates a sophisticated structure (D) concentrate on those recalcitrant elements of the novel that are outside the novel ‘s main structure (E) primarily consider those elements of novelistic construction of which the author of the novel was aware 1. According to the passage, which of the following is a true statement about the first and second parts of Wuthering Heights? (A) The second part has received more attention from critics. (B) The second part has little relation to the first part. (C) The second part annuls the force of the first part. (D) The second part provides less substantiation for a ―romantic‖ reading. (E)The second part is better because it is more realistic. F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 4. The author of the passage suggests which of the following about Hamlet? A □ Hamlet has usually attracted critical interpretations that tend to stiffen into theses. B □ Hamlet has elements that are not amenable to an all-encompassing critical interpretation. C Hamlet is less open to an all-encompassing □ critical interpretation than is Wuthering Heights. 59 The deep sea typically has a sparse fauna dominated by tiny worms and crustaceans, with an even sparser distribution of larger animals. However, near Line hydrothermal vents, areas of the ocean where warm water 5 emerges from subterranean sources, live remarkable densities of huge clams, blind crabs, and fish. Most deep-sea faunas rely for food on particulate matter, ultimately derived from photosynthesis, falling from above. The food supplies necessary to sustain the 10 large vent communities, however, must be many times the ordinary fallout. The first reports describing vent faunas proposed two possible sources of nutrition: bacterial chemosynthesis, production of food by bacteria using energy derived from chemical changes, and 15 advection, the drifting of food materials from surrounding regions. Later, evidence in support of the idea of intense local chemosynthesis was accumulated: hydrogen sulfide was found in vent water; many vent-site bacteria were found to be capable of chemosynthesis; and...
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