May insurrection of 1871 french history by any

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Unformatted text preview: ○ The February Revolution of 1848 produced more of these dossiers than did the June insurrection. 89 Exercise 16 Questions 1 to 3 are based on the following reading F or the following question, consider each of the passage. choices separately and select all that apply One advantage of breeding African bees with other 1. The author cites all of the following as evidence that bee types (Africanization) may be resistance to the para - Africanized bees' resistance to Varroa jacobsoni is sitic mite Varroa jacobsoni, a major threat to modern superior to that of European bees: A Varroa jacobsoni is killing many bee colonies in □ Line beekeeping. In parts of Europe, this mite is devastating 5 honeybees and killing many colonies despite preventive Europe. B Beekeepers in Brazil have not used preventive □ measures to protect their colonies. measures by beekeepers. But in Brazil Varroa jacobsoni has been present in Africanized bees since 1972 without C □ At least some European bee colonies have been saved by preventive measures. the loss of a single colony, even though beekeepers there undertook no preventive measures. The mites lay eggs 10 within the brood cells of immature bees, and developing mites feed on the hemolymph (blood) of bee pupae. But 2. Select the sentence that indicates one possible reason fewer mites reproduce in Africanized bees than in the Africanized bees in Brazil have successfully European bees. Some researchers point out that this resisted Varroa jacobsoni . resistance may be related to the Africanized worker bee's 15 shorter development period, which prevents some mites 3. The author's argument regarding the resistance of from reaching maturity. Recently the mite has become a Africanized bees to Varroa jacobsoni would be serious problem in colonies of European bees in North most weakened if which of the following were true? America. Africanization of these bees may be the best A ○ safeguard against this parasite. The bees in Brazil were resistant before being Africanized. B ○ The nu mber of bee colonies in North American increased dramatically whereas the number in Brazil remained unchanged. C ○ Mites found in European bees reproduce at a faster rate than mites of identical species found in the bees in Brazil. D ○ Africanized bees retain many of the characteristics of European bees. E ○ Bee colonies in Europe continue to produce greater quantities of honey than do those in Brazil. 90 Questions 4 and 5 are based on the following reading passage. 4. Which of the following best describes the author's evaluation of the views of the critics? Innovative as it is, Luis Valdez' acto o wes much to the (A) Their views, if correct, do not preclude the theater traditions or other periods and regions. Like early existence of an Italian influence on the acto. Spanish American religious dramas, secular folk dramas, (B) Their views are unlikely to be correct, given Line and the Mexican carpas of a somewhat later period, actos the differ...
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