A unified science of sociobiology 13 select the

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Unformatted text preview: cycle (C) The trapping of water in a sealed because of geologic changes that have isolated them 10 underground rock cavern through the action underground. These systems are properly termed of an earthquake geohydrologic but not hydrogeologic. Only when a (D) Water becoming unfit to drink through the system possesses natural or artificial boundaries that release of pollutants into it from a associate the water within it with the hydrologic cycle manufacturing plant may the entire system properly be termed hydrogeologic. (E) The changing course of a river channel as (107 words) the action of the water wears away the rocks past which the river flows 2. The author refers to ―many formations‖ primarily in order to (A) clarify a distinction (B) introduce a subject (C) draw an analogy (D) emphasize a similarity (E) resolve a conflict 34 In the 1750‘s, when salons were firmly established 4. The author refers to differences in social back- in France, some English women, who called ground between salonnieres and Bluestockings themselves ―Bluestocking,‖ followed the example of in order to do which of the following? Line the salonnieres (French salon hostesses) and formed (A) Criticize the view that their choices of 5 their own salons. Most Bluestockings did not wish to activities were significantly influenced by mirror the salonnieres; they simply desired to adapt a male salon members proven formula to their own purpose—the elevation (B) Discuss the reasons why literary salons in of women‘s status through moral and intellectual France were established before those in training. Differences in social orientation and back10 England ground can account perhaps for differences in the (C) Question the importance of the nature of French and English salons. The French Bluestockings in shaping public attitudes salon incorporated aristocratic attitudes that exalted toward educated women courtly pleasure and emphasized artistic accomplishments. The English Bluestockings, originating from a 15 (D) Refute the argument that the French salons had little influence over the direction the more modest background, emphasized learning and English salons took work over pleasure. Accustomed to the regimented life (E) Explain the differences in atmosphere and of court circles, salonnieres tended toward formality style in their salons in their salons. The English women, though somewhat puritanical, were more casual in their approach. F or the following question, consider each of the (139 words) choices separately and select all that apply 3. According to the passage, a significant distinction 5. Which of the following statements is most between the salonnieres and Bluestockings was in the compatible with the principles of the salonnieres way each group regarded which of the following? as described in the passage? (A) The value of acquiring knowledge A □ Devotion to pleasure and art is justified in itself. B Men should be excluded from groups of □ (B) The role of pleas...
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