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Unformatted text preview: passage? 3. According to the passage, which of the following (A) It offers evidence that contradicts the findings is NOT characteristic of enzymatic glycosylation of described in the first two paragraphs. proteins? (B) It presents a specific example of the process A Proteins affected by the process are made unstable. discussed in the first two paragraphs. B Glucose attachment impairs and stiffens tissues. (C) It explains a problem that the researchers C Glucose is attached to proteins for specific purposes. mentioned in the second paragraph have yet to solve. (D) It evaluates the research discoveries described 4. According to the passage, which of the following in the previous paragraph. statements is true of Amadori products in proteins? (E) It begins a detailed description of the process (A) They are more plentiful in a dehydrated introduced in the previous two paragraphs. environment. (B) They are created through enzymatic glycosylation. 6. The passage suggests that which of the following (C) They are composed entirely of glucose molecules. would be LEAST important in determining (D) They are derived from Schiff bases. whether nonenzymatic glycosylation is likely to (E) They are derived from AGE's have taken place in the proteins of a particular tissue? (A) The likelihood that the tissue has been exposed to free glucose (B) The color and spectrographic properties of structures within the tissue. (C) The amount of time that the proteins in the tissue have persisted in the body (D) The number of amino groups within the proteins in the tissue (E) The degree of elasticity that the tissue exhibits 195 7. It takes a particular talent to be a successful business If the statements above are true, which of the following must also be true on the basis of them? manager. Business courses can help people to solve management problems, but such courses can do so (A) People who are helped by business courses in only for those people with managerial talent. Such solving management problems also have people should take business courses to acquire ideas managerial talent. that they can subsequently use to good advantage if (B) People who are already skilled at solving management problems happen to arise. management problems are unlikely to benefit from business courses. (C) Most ideas that are used successfully in solving management problems are those acquired in business courses. (D) People who lack managerial talent are more likely to take business courses than are people who have managerial talent. (E) Those people who have never taken business courses are unable to solve management problems when such problems arise. 196 The age at which young children begin to make moral 8.According to the passage, Piaget and Keasey would not discriminations about harmful actions committed against have agreed on which of the following points? themselves or others has been the focus of recent research into (A) The kinds of excuses children give for harmful the moral development of...
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