Against britain tended to suppress class conflicts

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Unformatted text preview: involving bicycles has decreased for the third consecutive year. (A) The Parkville Department of Recreation confiscated abandoned bicycles and sold them at auction to any interested Parkville residents. (B) Increased automobile and bus traffic in Parkville has been the leading cause of the most recent increase in automobile accidents. (C) Because of the local increase in the number of people bicycling for recreation. many out -of -town bicyclists ride in the Parkville area. (D) The Parkville Police Department enforced traffic rules for bicycle riders much more vigorously and began requiring recreational riders to pass a bicycle safety course. (E) The Parkville Depart ment of Transportation canceled a program that required all bicycles to be inspected and registered each year. 156 The Earth's magnetic field is generated as the molten 7.In the passage, the author is primarily concerned with iron of the Earth's outer core revolves around its solid (A) analyzing a complicated scientific phenomenon inner core; when surges in the molten iron occur, magnetic and its impact on the Earth's surface features tempests are created. At the Earth's surface, these tempests (B) describing a natural phenomenon and the can be detected by changes in the strength of the Earth's challenges its study presents to researchers magnetic field. For reasons not fully understood, the field (C) discussing a scientific field of research and the itself reverses periodically every million years or so. gaps in researchers' methodological Clearly, geophysicists who seek to explain and forecast approaches to it changes in the field must understand what happens in the (D) comparing two distinct fields of physical science outer core. Unlike meteorologists, however, they cannot and the different research methods employed rely on observations made in their own lifetimes. Whereas in each atmospheric storms arise in a matter of hours and last for (E) proposing an explanation for a geophysical days, magnetic tempests develop over decades and persist for phenomenon and an experiment that could help centuries. confirm that explanation (121 words) 8. Select the sentence in the passage that i mplies the reason why geophysicists seeking to explain magnetic tempests ought to conduct research on the Earth's outer core. 157 In The Women of Mexico City, 1796-1857, Sylvia 9. It can be inferred from the passage that Arrom Marina Arrom argues that the status on women in Mexico would agree with which of the following City improved during the nineteenth century. According assertions? to Arrom, households headed by females and instances of (A) Efforts by the Mexican government to women working outside the home were much more encourage education for women during the common than scholars have estimated; efforts by the nineteenth century were hampered by the Mexican government to encourage female education economic instability of that period. resulted in increased female literacy; and influenti al male (B) Th...
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