Allowed the colonists a legislative assembly but real

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Unformatted text preview: wn (B) Charles II was a pivotal figure in the shift of English monarchs toward a more imperial F or the following question, consider each of the policy in their governorship of the American choices separately and select all that apply colonies. 7. According to Webb‘s view of colonial history, which (C) the American Revolution was generated largely of the following was (were) true of the merchants out of a conflict between the colonial upper and nobility mentioned in the second paragraph? classes and an alliance of merchants and A They were opposed to policies formulated by small farmers Charles II that would have transformed the (D) the military did not play a major role as an colonies into capitalistic oligarchies. instrument of colonial policy until 1763 B They were opposed to attempts by the English (E) the colonial legislative assemblies in the crown to limit the power of the legislative colonies had little influence over the assemblies. colonial governors C They were united with small farmers in their opposition to the stationing of English troops in the colonies. 103 At the Shadybrook dog kennel, all the adult animals were 8. Which of the following, if true, provides the most support for the kennel owner‘s hypothesis? given a new medication designed to reduce a dog‘s risk of contracting a certain common infection. Several days after (A) Some puppies have been given the new medication the medication was administered, most of the puppies of directly but have not suffered elevated these dogs had elevated temperatures. Since raised body temperatures as a side effect. temperature is a side effect of this medication, the kennel (B) The new medication has been well received by dog owner hypothesized that the puppies‘ elevated temperatures breeders as a safe and effective way of preventing resulted from the medication‘s being passed to them the spread of certain common canine infections. through their mothers‘ milk. (C) None of the four puppies in the kennel who had been bottle-fed with formula had elevated temperatures. (D) an elevated temperature is a side effect of a number of medications for dogs other than the new medication administered at the kennel. (E) Elevated temperatures such as those suffered by most of the puppies in the kennel rarely have serious long-term effects on a puppy‘s health. 104 The social sciences are less likely than other intellectual 9. Select the sentence in the passage in which the author enterprises to get credit for their accomplishments. refers to the same meaning as the ―overutilization‖ of Arguably, this is so because the theories and conceptual the social sciences. constructs of the social sciences are especially accessible: human intelligence apprehends truths about human affairs with particular facility. This underappreciation of the social sciences contrasts oddly with what many see as their overutilization. Game theory is pressed into service in studies of shifting international alliances. Evalu...
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