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Unformatted text preview: n a chain of star-forming (B) affected by a density wave of spiral form regions would result. If many such chains were created (C) distributed in a spiral pattern in a differentially rotating galaxy, the distribution of (D) located in the central plane of a galaxy stars would resemble the observed distribute in a (E) located in a differentially rotating galaxy spiral galaxy. This line of reasoning underlies an exciting new 9. Which of the following, if true, would most theory of spiral-galaxy structure. A computer simulation discredit the new theory as described in the passage? based on this theory has reproduced the appearance of (A)The exact mechanism by which a star becomes many spiral galaxies without assuming an underlying a supernova is not yet completely known density wave, the hallmark of the most widely accepted and may even differ for different stars. theory of the large-scale structure of spiral galaxies. (B) Chains of star-forming regions like those That theory maintains that a density wave of spiral postulated in the new theory have been form sweeps through the central plane of a galaxy, observed in the vicinity of dense clouds of compressing clouds of gas and dust, which collapse into stars that form a spiral pattern. gas and dust. (160 words) (C) The most massive stars formed from supernova explosions are unlikely to evolve into super- 7. The primary purpose of the passage is to novas. (A) describe what results when a supernova triggers (D) Computer simulations of supernovas provide a the creation of chains of star-forming regions poor picture of what occurs just before a (B) propose a modification in the most widely supernova explosion. accepted theory of spiral-galaxy structure (E) A density wave cannot compress clouds of gas (C) compare and contrast the roles of clouds of gas and dust to a density high enough to create a and dust in two theories of spiral-galaxy star. structure (D) describe a new theory of spiral-galaxy structure and contrast it with the most widely accepted theory (E) describe a new theory of spiral-galaxy structure and discuss a reason why it is inferior to the most widely accepted theory 56 The fact that Black people in the English colonies of 11. The passage suggests that the existence of a Roman North America were never treated as the equals of conception of slavery in Spanish and Portuguese White people has important ramifications. If from the colonies had the effect of Line outset Black people were discriminated against, then 5 (A) extending rather than causing racial legal slavery in the 1660‘s should be viewed as a prejudice in these colonies reflection and an extension of racial prejudice rather (B) hastening the legalization of slavery in than, as many historians including Oscar and Mary these colonies Handlin have argued, the cause of prejudice. In (C) mitigating some of the conditions of slavery addition, the existence of discrimination before the 10 for Black people in these colonies advent of legal sl...
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