And legend 9 the primary purpose of the passage is to

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Unformatted text preview: societies with matrilineal customs—societies in theory about the dominance of women in which descent and property rights are traced through the ancient societies female line. Some support for his theory can be found in (C) explain the burgeoning interest among evidence such as that drawn from Herodotus, the Greek 10 historians in determining the actual status of ―historian‖ of the fifth century B. C. Nonetheless, this women in various societies assumption that the first recorders of ancient myths have (D) analyze the nature of Amazonian society preserved facts is problematic. Ancient Greek and uncover similarities between it and the descriptions of those societies were meant not so much to Greek world represent observed historical fact—real Amazonian (E) criticize the value of ancient myths in societies—but rather to offer ―moral lessons‖ on the determining the status of women in ancient supposed outcome of women‘s rule in their own society. 15 societies The Amazons were often characterized, for example, as the equivalents of giants and centaurs, enemies to be slain 10. Select the sentence in the passage that is presented by Greek heroes; thus, their customs were presented not 20 as evidence supporting the author ‘s view of the as those of a respectable society, but as the very antitheses ancient Greeks‘ descriptions of the Amazons. of ordinary Greek practices. (179 words) 11. The author‘s attitude toward Bachofen‘s treatise is best described as one of (A) qualified approval (B) profound ambivalence (C) studied neutrality (D) pointed disagreement (E) unmitigated hostility 16 Visual recognition involves storing and retrieving 12. The author is primarily concerned with memories. Neural activity, triggered by the eye, forms an (A) explaining how the brain receives images image in the brain‘s memory system that constitutes an (B) synthesizing hypotheses of visual recognition Line internal representation of the viewed object. When an 5 (C) examining the evidence supporting the serial- object is encountered again, it is matched with its internal recognition hypothesis representation and thereby recognized. Controversy (D) discussing visual recognition and some surrounds the question of whether recognition is a parallel, hypotheses proposed to explain it one-step process or a serial, step-by-step one. (E) reporting on recent experiments dealing with Psychologists of the Gestalt school maintain that objects 10 memory systems and their relationship to are recognized as wholes in a parallel procedure: the neural activity internal representation is matched with the retinal image in a single operation. Other psychologists have proposed that F or the following question, consider each of the internal representation features are matched serially with choices separately and select all that apply an object‘s features. Although some experiments show 15 that, as an object becomes familiar, its internal 13. According to the passage, Gestalt...
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