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Unformatted text preview: tibodies to components of their own cells, Colonno injected human (A) chimpanzees and humans can both be infected cells into mice, which did produce an antibody to the by rhinoviruses common receptor. In isolated human cells, this antibody (B) chimpanzees can produce antibodies to human proved to be extraordinarily effective at thwarting the cell-surface receptors (C) a rhinovirus‘ nucleic acid might be locked in rhinovirus. Moreover, when the antibody was given to chimpanzees, it inhibited rhinoviral growth, and in humans its protein coat it lessened both the severity and duration of cold symptoms. (173 words) (D) binding antibodies to common receptors could produce a possible defense against rhinoviruses (E) rhinoviruses are vulnerable to human antibodies 3. In the context in which it appears, "thwarting" most nearly means A ○ accelerating B ○ blocking C ○ warming D ○ abetting E ○ neutralizing 107 4. Which of the following most logically completes the (A) the price of oil, once subject to frequent sharp argument? increases, has fallen significantly and is now fairly Alivia‘s government has approved funds for an stable electricity-generation project based on the construction of (B) the project could restore Lake Tifele, which is a pipeline that will carry water from Lake Cylus, in the currently at risk of drying up and thus of being lost mountains, to the much smaller Lake Tifele, in a nearby as a source of recreation income for Alivia valley. The amount of electricity generated will be (C) the government of Alivia is currently on excellent insufficient by itself to justify the project‘s cost, even if terms with the governments of most of the the price of imported oil-Alivia‘s primary source of countries from which it purchases oil electricity-increases sharply. Nonetheless, the pipeline (D) it would cost less to generate electricity by moving project is worth its cost, because —— water from Lake Cylus to lake Tifele than to do so by moving water from Lake Cylus to another valley lake (E) Alivian officials do not expect that the amount of electricity used in Alivia will increase substantially within the next ten years 108 Students of United States history, seeking to identify the 5. It can be inferred that the author considers those circumstances that encouraged the emergence of feminist historians who describe early feminists in the United movements, have thoroughly investigated the mid - States as ―solitary‖ to be nineteenth-century American economic and social conditions (A) insufficiently familiar with the international that affected the status of women. These historians, however, origins of nineteenth-century American femi- have analyzed less fully the development of specifically nist thought feminist ideas and activities during the same period. (B) o verly concerned with the regional diversity Furthermore, the ideological origins of feminism in the of feminist ideas in the period before 1848 United State...
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