And then rain in peripheral areas to nourish animals

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Unformatted text preview: ll animals 6. The information in the passage suggests that the (B) prove that the habitat of most deep-sea animals is majority of deep-sea faunas that live in nonvent limited to warm-water vents habitats have which of the following characteristics? (C) explain how bacteria carry out chemosynthesis (A) They do not normally feed on particles of food (D) demonstrate how advection compensates for the in the water. lack of food sources on the seafloor (B) They are smaller than many vent faunas. (E) present evidence that bacterial chemosynthesis (C) They are predators. may be an inadequate source of food for (D) They derive nutrition from a chemosynthetic some vent faunas food source. (E) They congregate around a single main food source. 61 Ragtime is a musical form that synthesizes folk 9. Which of the following is most nearly analogous in melodies and musical techniques into a brief quadrille- source and artistic character to a ragtime composition like structure, designed to be played—exactly as written as described in the passage? Line —on the piano. A strong analogy exists between 5 European composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams, (A) Symphonic music derived from complex jazz Edward Grieg, and Anton Dvorak who combined folk motifs tunes and their own original materials in larger (B) An experimental novel based on well-known compositions and the pioneer ragtime composers in the cartoon characters United States. Composers like Scott Joplin and James 10 (C) A dramatic production in which actors invent Scott were in a sense collectors or musicologists, scenes and improvise lines collecting dance and folk music in Black communities (D) A ballet whose disciplined choreography is and consciously shaping it into brief suites or based on folk-dance steps anthologies called piano rags. (E) A painting whose abstract shapes evoke (100 words) familiar objects in a natural landscape 62 Geologists have long known that the Earth‘s mantle 10. According to the passage, it is believed that oceanic is heterogeneous, but its spatial arrangement remains islands are formed from unresolved—is the mantle essentially layered or irregu- (A) the same material as mantle xenoliths larly heterogeneous? The best evidence for the layered- (B) the same material as the midocean ridge system mantle thesis is the well-established fact that volcanic (C) volcanic rocks from the upper mantle rocks found on oceanic islands, islands believed to (D) incompatible elements percolating up from the result from mantle plumes arising from the lower lower mantle mantle, are composed of material fundamentally (E) mantle plumes arising from the lower mantle different from that of the midocean ridge system, whose source, most geologists contend, is the upper F or the following question, consider each of the mantle. choices separately and select all that apply Some geologists, however, on the basis of obser- 11. It can be inferred from the passage that the sup- vations concerning mantle xenoliths, argu...
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