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Unformatted text preview: lling occurs when lava erupts (A) analyzing the source of a scientific controversy directly into water (or beneath ice) or when it flows across a (B) criticizing some geologists‘ methodology shoreline and into a body of water. While the term ―pillow lava‖ (C) pointing out the flaws in a geological study suggests a definite shape, in fact geologists disagree. Some (D) proposing a new theory to explain existing geologists argue that pillow lava is characterized by discrete, scientific evidence ellipsoidal masses. Others describe pillow lava as a tangled (E) describing a physical phenomenon mass of cylindrical, interconnected flow lobes. Much of this controversy probably results from unwarranted extrapolations F or the following question, consider each of the of the original configuration of pillow flows from two- choices separately and select all that apply dimensional cross sections of eroded pillows in land 2. The author of the passage would most probably outcroppings. Virtually any cross section cut through a tangled agree that the geologists mentioned in the fourth mass of interconnected flow lobes would give the appearance sentence have made which of the following errors of a pile of discrete ellipsoidal masses. Adequate three- in reasoning? A □ Generalized unjustifiably from available evidence. B □ Deliberately ignored existing counterevidence. C □ Repeatedly failed to take new evidence into account. dimensional images of intact pillows are essential for defining the true geometry of pillowed flows and thus ascertaining their mode of origin. Indeed, the term ―pillow,‖ itself suggestive of discrete masses, is probably a misnomer. 3. The author implies that the ―controvers y‖ might be (165 words) resolved if (A) geologists did not persist in using the term ―pillow‖ (B) geologists did not rely on potentially misleading information (C) geologists were more willing to confer directly with one another (D) two-dimensional cross sections of eroded pillows were available (E) existing pillows in land outcroppings were not so badly eroded 96 Draft passages in Proust‘s 1909 notebooks indicate that F or the following question, consider each of the the transition from essay to novel Remembrance of Things choices separately and select all that apply Past began in Contre Saint-Beuve, when Proust introduced 4. According to the passage, in drafts of Contre Saint- several examples to show the powerful influence that Beuve Proust set out to show that Saint-Beuve made involuntary memory exerts over the creative imagination. In which of the following mistakes as a critic? effect, in trying to demonstrate that the imagination is more profound and less submissive to the intellect than A □ Saint-Beuve made no effort to study the development Saint-Beuve assumed, Proust elicited vital memories of his of a novel through its drafts and revisions. B Saint-Beuve assigned too great a role in the □ creative process to a writer‘s conscious own and, finding sub...
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