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Unformatted text preview: to influence artistic Line Benedetto Croce, who is usually considered the originator 5 endeavor? of a new aesthetic. Croce was, in fact, expressing a very (A) The craftsmanship that shaped Gothic old idea. Long before the Romantics stressed intuition architecture would have continued to and self-expression, the frenzy of inspiration was dominate artists‘ outlooks. regarded as fundamental to art, but philosophers had (B) Some other technical elements would have always assumed it must be controlled by law and by the been adopted to discipline artistic inspiration. 10 intellectual power of putting things into harmonious order. (C) Intellectual control over artistic inspiration This general philosophic concept of art was supported by would not have influenced painting as it technical necessities. It was necessary to master certain did architecture. laws and to use intellect in order to build Gothic (D) The role of intuitive inspiration would not cathedrals, or set up the stained glass windows of 15 have remained fundamental to theories of Chartres. When this bracing element of craftsmanship artistic creation. ceased to dominate artists‘ outlook, new technical (E) The assumptions of aesthetic philosophers elements had to be adopted to maintain the intellectual before Croce would have been invalidated. element in art. Such were linear perspective and anatomy. (156 words) 7. Select the sentence in the passage that indicates a traditional assumption of aesthetic philosophers. 8. The author mentions ―linear perspective and anatomy‖ in the last sentence in order to do which of the following ? (A) Expand his argument to include painting as well as architecture (B) Indicate his disagreement with Croce‘s theory of the origins of art (C) Support his point that rational order of some kind has often seemed to discipline artistic inspiration (D) Explain the rational elements in Gothic painting that corresponded to craftsmanship in Gothic architecture (E) Show the increasing sophistication of artist s after the Gothic period 26 Nahuatl, like Greek and German, is a language that 9. According to the passage, some abstract allows the formation of extensive compounds. By the universal ideas can be expressed in Nahuatl by combination of radicals or semantic elements, single (A) taking away from a word any reference to Line compound words can express complex conceptual 5 particular instances relations, often of an abstract universal character. (B) removing a word from its associations with The tlamatinime (―those who know‖) were able to other words use this rich stock of abstract terms to express the (C) giving a word a new and opposite meaning nuances of their thought. They also availed themsel ves (D) putting various meaningful elements of other forms of expression with metaphorical meaning, 10 together in one word some probably original, some derived from Toltec (E) turning each word of a phrase into a poetic coinages. Of these forms the most characteristic in m...
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