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Unformatted text preview: have been applied as widely as it was. (B) It represents the best possible scientific practice, given the tools available at the time. (C) It was a valuable tool, in its time, for measuring the length of the four periods of glaciation. (D) It could be useful, but only as a general guide to the events of the Pleistocene epoch. (E) It does not shed any light on the methods used at the time for investigating periods of glaciation. 110 When speaking of Romare Bearden, one is tempted to F or the following question, consider each of the say, ―A great Black American artist.‖ The subject matter of choices separately and select all that apply Bearden‘s collages is certainly Black. Portrayals of the folk 9. According to the passage, all of the following are depicted in Bearden‘s collages of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, whom he remembers from early childhood, of the jazz musicians and tenement roofs of his Harlem days, of Pittsburgh A workers in Pittsburgh‘s steel mills steelworkers, and his reconstruction of classical Greek B the jazz musicians of the Harlem Bearden used myths in the guise of the ancient Black kingdom of Benin, to know attest to this. In natural harmony with this choice of subject C people Bearden knew as a child matter are the social sensibilities of the artist, who remains active today with the Cinque Gallery in Manhattan, which he helped found and which is devoted to showing the work of minority artists. 10. Select the sentence that indicates the explanatory goal when the author mentions Bearden‘s social (114 words) sensibilities and the subject matter of his collages. 111 [This page is intentionally left blank. ] 112 Exercise 20 Diamonds, an occasional component of rare igneous 1. The author implies that silicate inclusions were mos t rocks called lamproites and kimberlites, have never been often formed dated satisfactorily. However, some diamonds contain minute (A) with small diamonds inside of them inclusions of silicate minerals, commonly olivine, p yroxene, (B) with trace elements derived from their host and garnet. These minerals can be dated by radioactive decay minerals techniques because of the very small quantities of (C) by the radioactive decay of rare igneous rocks radioactive trace elements they, in turn, contain. Usually, it is (D) at an earlier period than were their host possible to conclude that the inclusions are older than their minerals diamond hosts, but with little indication of the time interval (E) from the crystallization of rare igneous material involved. Sometimes, however, the crystal form of the silicate inclusions is observed to resemble more closely the 2. Select the sentence in the passage that indicates a way internal structure of diamond than that of other silicate to determine the age of silicate minerals included in minerals. When present, the resemblance is regarded as diamonds. compelling evidence that the diamonds and inclusions are truly cogenetic. (121 words) 113 For some time scient...
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