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Unformatted text preview: , Defense of Equality." The most striking feature of according to Walzer, in determining the Walzer's critique is that, far from rejecting the principle of proper distribution of goods? B □ Which quality does Walzer deem too highly valued under liberal capitalism? C □ Which are the social goods that are, according reward according to merit, Walzer insists on its validity. People who excel should receive the superior 10 benefits appropriate to their excellence. But people exhibit a great variety of qualities—"intelligence, to Walzer, outside the reach of the power of physical strength, agility and grace, artistic creativity, money? mechanical skill, leadership, endurance, memory, psychological insight, the capacity for hard 6. The author implies that Walzer's interpretation of work—even moral strength, sensitivity, the ability to the principle of reward according to merit is express compassion."Each deserves its proper 15 distinctive for its recompense, and hence a proper distribution of material A ○ insistence on maximizing everyone's rewards B ○ emphasis on equality C ○ proven validity goods should reflect human differences as measured on all these different scales. Yet, under capitalism, the ability 20 to make money ("the green thumb of bourgeois society") D ○ broad conception of what constitutes merit E ○ broad conception of what constitutes a reward enables its possessor to acquire almost "every other sort of social good, " such as the respect and esteem of others. 80 Questions 7 to 9 are based on the following reading passage. 7. The author's main point in the passage is that national character National character is not formally considered by A ○ social scientists in discussing economic and social and other social scientists. development today. They believe that people differ and B ○ Line that these differences should be taken into account 5 is of greater interest to social scientists today than it has been in the past. somehow, but they have as yet discovered no way to C ○ is still too difficult to describe with the precision required by many social scientists. D ○ include such variables in their formal models of economic has become increasingly irrelevant because of and social development. The difficulty lies in the nature of the data that supposedly define different the complexity of modern lift. national characters. Anthropologists and others are on 10 is too elusive to merit attention by anthropologists E ○ much firmer ground when they attempt to describe the cultural norms for a small homogen eous tribe or village can be described more accurately by anthropologists than by other social scientists. than when they undertake the formidable task of discovering the norms that exist in a complex modern nation-state composed of many disparate groups. The 15 F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply situation is further complicated by the nature...
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