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Unformatted text preview: itation: such molecules are synthesized atmospheric conditions far less readily when oxygen -containing compounds (B) The synthesis is common in modern laboratories. dominate the atmosphere. Therefore some scientists (C)The synthesis occurs more readily in the postulate that the Earth's earliest atmosphere, unlike that of atmosphere than in the ocean. today, was dominated by hydrogen, methane, and ammonia. (D)The synthesis easily produces the most complex From these studies, scientists have concluded that the organic molecules. surface of the primitive Earth was covered with oceans (E)The synthesis is accelerated by the presence of containing the molecules fundamental to life. Although, at oxygen-containing compounds. present, scientists cannot explain how these relatively s mall molecules combined to produce larger, more complex 2.It can be inferred from the passage that "some scien- molecules, some scientists have precipitously ventured tists" assume which of the following concerning " hypotheses that attempt to explain the development, from larger, more complex molecules" lager molecules, of the earliest self-duplicating organisms. (A) The earliest atmosphere was forward primarily (138 words) of these molecules. (B) Chemical processes involving these molecules proceeded much more slowly under primitive Earth conditions. (C) The presence of these molecules would necessarily precede the existence of simple organisms. (D) Experimental techniques will never be sufficiently sophisticated to produce in the laboratory simple organisms from these chemical constituents. (E) Explanations could easily be developed to explain how simple molecules combined to form these more complex ones. 141 It is frequently assumed that the mechanization of work blue-collar work. Fundamentally, however, the conditions has a revolutionary effect on the lives of the people who under which women work have changed little since before operate the new machines and on the society into which the the Industrial Revolution: the segregation of occupations by machines have been introduced. For example, it has been gender, lower pay for women as a group, jobs that require suggested that the employment of women in industry took relatively low levels of skill and offer women little them out of the household, their traditional sphere, and opportunity for advancement all persist, while women's fundamentally altered their position in society. In the household labor remains demanding. Recent historical nineteenth century, when women began to enter factories, investigation has led to a major revision of the notion that Jules Simon, a French politician, warned that by doing so, technology is always inherently revolutionary in its effects women would give up their femininity. Friedrich Engels, on society. Mechanization may even have slowed any however, predicted that women would be liberated from the change in the traditional position of women both in the "social, legal, and economic s...
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