Can be inferred from the passage that a long term

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Unformatted text preview: by eighteenth-century consumers (C) explain the motivation of eighteenth-century consumers to buy luxury goods (D) establish the extent to which the tastes of rich consumers were shaped by the middle classes in eighteenth-century England (E)compare luxury consumerism in eighteenthcentury England with such consumerism in the twentieth century 203 How can the hormone adrenaline that does not act directly 10.The author refers to the results of the experiment using on the brain have a regulatory effect on brain function? adrenergic antagonists as "negative findings" Recently, we tested the possibility that one of the hormone's most likely because the adrenergic antagonists actions outside the brain might be responsible. Since one consequence of adrenaline release in an animal is an increase (A) failed to disrupt adrenaline's effect on memory in blood glucose levels, we examined the effects of glucose on (B) did not affect glucose's ability to enhance memory. memory in rats. We found that glucose injected immediately (C) did not block adrenaline's ability to increase blood after training enhances memory tested the next day. Additional glucose levels evidence was provided by negative findings: drugs called (D) only partially affected adrenaline's ability to adrenergic antagonists, which block peripheral adrenaline enhance memory receptors, disrupted adrenaline's ability to regulate memory (E) disrupted both adrenaline's and glucose's effect but did not affect memory enhancements produced by glucose on memory that was not stimulated by adrenaline. These results are as they should be if adrenaline affects memory modulation by increasing blood glucose levels. (131 words) 204 Exercise 36 An experiment conducted aboard Space Lab in 1983 was the 1.It can be inferred from the passage that the author first attempt to grow protein crystals in the low-gravity would find the Space Lab experiment more impressive environment of space. That experiment is still cited as if which of the following were true? evidence that growing crystals in microgravity can increase (A) The results of the Space Lab experiment could be crystal size: the authors reported that they grew lysozyme replicated in producing other kinds of crystals in protein crystals 1,000 times larger than crystals grown in the addition to lysozyme protein. same device on Earth. Unfortunately, the authors did not (B) The device used in the experiment produced larger point out that their crystals were no larger than the average crystals on Earth than it did in space. crystal grown using other, more standard techniques in an (C) The size of the crystals produced in the experi ment Earth laboratory. No research has yet produced results that exceeded the size of crystals grown in could justify the enormous costs of producing crystals on a Earth laboratories using standard techniques. large scale in space. To get an unbiased view of the (D)The cost of producing the crystals in space exceeded usefulness of microgra...
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