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Unformatted text preview: eory, carry out systematic hold of themselves. observations, or make predictions about the obvious? (E) It is doubtful that the science of human relations (107 words) developed slowly because of a desire to maintain pleasing illusions. 8. In the context in which it appears, "paradox " most nearly means A ○ diametrical opposition B ○ unintended irony C ○ stark dichotomy D ○ exact counterpoint E ○ contradiction to common sense 139 Why during sickness should body temperature of 9. According to the passage, Garibaldi determined warm-blooded animal rise? It has long been known that the which of the following? level of serum iron in animals falls during infection. (A) That serum iron is produced through microbial Garibaldi first suggested a relationship between fever and synthesis iron. He found that microbial synthesis of siderophores -- (B) That microbial synthesis of siderophores in substances that bind iron -- in bacteria of the genus warm-blooded animals is more efficient at Salmonella declined at environmental temperatures above higher temperatures. 37° and stopped at 40.3° Thus, fever would make it C C. (C) That only iron bound to other substances can more difficult for an infecting bacterium to acquire iron and be used by bacteria. thus to multiply. Cold-blooded animals were used to test (D) That there is a relationship between the this hypothesis. Kluger reported that of i guanas infected synthesis of siderophores in bacteria of the genus with the potentially lethal bacterium A. hydrophilia, more Salmonella and environmental temperature. survived at temperatures of 42 ° than at 37° even though C C, (E) That bacteria of the genus Salmonella require healthy animals prefer the lower temperature. When iron as a nutrient. animals at 42° were injected with an iron solution, C however, mortality rates increased significantly. 10. If it were to be determined that similar phenomena (135 words) occur in warm-blooded animals, which of the following, assuming each is possible, is likely to be the most effective treatment for warm-blooded animals with bacterial infections? (A) Administering a medication that lowers the animals' body temperature (B) Injecting the animals with an iron solution (C) Administering a medication that makes serum iron unavailable to bacteria (D) Providing the animals with reduced-iron diets (E) Keeping the animals in an environment with temperatures higher than 37° C 140 Exercise 25 Since 1953, many experimental attempts to synthesize 1. According to the passage, which of the following the chemical constituents of life under "primitive Earth can be inferred about the process by which the conditions" have d emonstrated that a variety of the chemical constituents of life were synthesized under complex molecules currently making up living organisms primitive Earth conditions? could have been present in the early ocean and atmosphere, (A) The synthesis is unlikely to occur under current with only one lim...
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