Contrasted sharply with the endogamy practiced by the

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Unformatted text preview: ules have been considered to be a governing marriage, which, though they differed from one tribal group to another, all involved some kind of prohibition against unions with close kin. This taboo against cousins‘ marrying is important, argues Gutman, possible source of slaves‘ marriage because it is one of many indications of a strong 10 preferences. awareness among slaves of an extended kinship network. The fact that distantly related kin would care for children 12. Which of the following statements concerning separated from their families also suggests this awareness. When blood relationships were few, as in during the period of Black slavery in the United newly created plantations in the Southwest, ―fictive‖ States can most logically be inferred from the kinship arrangements took their place until a new pattern information in the passage. of consanguinity developed. Gutman presents convincing 15 the marriage practices of plantation owners (A) These practices began to alter sometime evidence that this extended kinship structure—which he 20 around the mid-eighteenth century. believes developed by the mid-to-late eighteenth (B) These practices varied markedly from one century—provided the foundations for the strong region of the country to another. communal consciousness that existed among slaves. (C) Plantation owners usually based their choice of marriage partners on economic considerations. (D) Plantation owners often married earlier than slaves. (E) Plantation owners often married their cousins. 13. Select the sentence in the passage that the author introduces additional support for the existence of the awareness of kinship among the slaves of an extended kinship network. 12 Exercise 3 The dark regions in the starry night sky are not 1. According to the passage, which of the following pockets in the universe that are devoid of stars as is a direct perceptual consequence of interstellar had long been thought. Rather, they are dark because dust EXCEPT? Line of interstellar dust that hides the stars behind it. 5 A □ Some stars are rendered invisible to observers on Although its visual effect is so pronounced, dust is only a minor constituent of the material, extremely Earth. B □ Many visible stars are made to seem brighter than they really are. low in density, that lies between the stars. The average density of interstellar material in the vicinity of our Sun is C □ The dust is conspicuously visible against a background of bright stars. 1,000 to 10,000 times less than the best terrestrial 10 laboratory vacuum. It is only because of the enormous interstellar distances that so little material per unit of volume becomes so significant. Optical astronomy 2. It can be inferred from the passage that it is is most directly affected, for although interstellar gas because space is so vast that is perfectly transparent, the dust is not. (125 words) (A) little of the interstellar material in it seems substantial (B) normal units of volume s...
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