Dissolves releasing thousands of viruses or virions

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Unformatted text preview: ned in the first sentence of the passage. (B) They outline the consequences of a limitation discussed in the first sentence of the passage. (C) They provide explicit examples drawn from the oral and the written works mentioned in the second sentence of the passage. (D) They explain the causes of a phenomenon mentioned in the third sentence of the passage. (E) They limit the applicability of a generalization made in the third sentence of the passage. 178 In medical tomography x-rays map the human body's 8.Which of the following, if presented as the first density variations (and hence internal organs); the sentence of a succeeding paragraph, would most information from the x-rays, transmitted through the body logically continue the discussion presented in the along many different paths, is recombined to form three - passage? dimensional images of the body's interior. It is primarily (A) Timekeeping in medical tomography must be this multiplicative increase in data obtained from the precise because the changes in travel time caused multipath transmission of signals that accounts for by density fluctuations are slight. oceanographers' attraction to tomography. (B) To understand how ocean acoustic tomography Researchers reasoned that low-frequency sound waves, works, it is necessary to know how sound because they are so well described mathematically and travels in the ocean. because even small perturbations in emitted sound waves (C) Ships are another possibility. but they would can be detected, could be transmitted through the ocean need to stop every 50 kilometers to lower o ver many different paths and that the properties of the measuring instruments. ocean's interior could be deduced on the basis of how the (D) These variations amount to only about 2 to 3 ocean altered the signals. Their initial trials were highly percent of the average speed of sound in water, successful, and ocean acoustic tomography was born. which is about 1,500 meters per second. (128 words) (E) The device used in medical tomography emits a specially coded signal, easily distinguishable from background noise 179 Ironically, now that photography is securely 9.Which of the following adjectives best describes established as a fine art, many photographers find it ―the concept of art imposed by the triumph of pretentious or irrelevant to label it as such. Serious Modernism‖ as the author represents it in the last sentence? photographers variously claim to be finding, recording, (A) Objective impartially observing, witnessing events, exploring (B) Mechanical themselves—anything but making works of art. In the (C) Superficial nineteenth century, photography's association with the (D) Dramatic real world placed it in an ambivalent relation to art; late in (E) Paradoxical the twentieth century, an ambivalent relation exists because of the Modernist heritage in art. That important 10. In the context in which it appears, "ambivalent " most photographers are no longer willing to de...
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