Even others vary wildly with outbreaks and crashes

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Unformatted text preview: ity-dependent factor controlling population growth without understanding its causative mechanism. F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 10. .According to the passage, all of the following behaviors have been exhibited by different populations A roughly constant population levels from year to year B regular cycles of increases and decreases in numbers C erratic increases in numbers correlated with the weather 135 Exercise 24 1. The archaeologists' argument assumes which of the Excavations at a Mayan site have uncovered jewelry following about the artisans who worked in the workshops located some distance from the center of the workshops' site on roads radiating outward from the center. Since the nobility lived only in the area of the center, archaeologists (A) They were themselves prosperous members of a conclude that these workshops made jewelry, not for the middle class. nobility, but for a middle class that must have been prosperous enough to afford it. (B) They lived near their workshops. (C) Their products were not made from the same materials as was jewelry for the nobility. (D) They worked full-time at making jewelry and did not engage in farming (E) They did not take the jewelry they had made in the workshops to clients who were members of the nobility. 136 Practically speaking, the artistic maturing of the 2. Select the sentence in which the author asserts that cinema was the single-handed achievement of David W. Griffith played an important role in the development of Griffith (1875-1948). Before Griffith, photography in the cinema. dramatic films consisted of little more than placing the 3. The author‘s attitude toward photography in the actors before a stationary camera and showing them in full length as they would have appeared on stage. From cinema before Griffith can best be described as the beginning of his career as a director, however, Griffith, (A) s ympathetic because of his love of Victorian painting, employed (B) nostalgic composition. He conceived of the camera image as (C) amused having a foreground and a rear ground, as well as the (D) condescending middle distance preferred by most directors. By 1910 he (E) hostile was using close-ups to reveal significant details of the scene or of the acting and extreme long shots to achieve a sense of spectacle and distance. His appreciation of the camera‘s possibilities produced novel dramatic effects. (131 words) 137 Because of its accuracy in outlining the Earth's F or the following question, consider each of the subsurface, the seismic-reflection method remains the most choices separately and select all that apply important tool in the search for petroleum reserves. In field 4. According to the passage, in the seismic-reflection practice, a subsurface is mapped by line arranging a series of method which of the following have a significant wave-train sources, such as small dynamite explosions, in a effect on the signal detected by the seismic grid pat...
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